Kochi is one of the busiest and most prosperous towns in the state of Kerala. According to a latest business survey Kochi has seen a 60% growth in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial set ups in the last 5 years. However given the escalating land prices and the increasing set up costs in Kochi it is a little difficult for small business men to focus on lowering costs and maximizing profits. Thankfully this is where enterprises like Centre A step in with tailored solutions that cater to every kind of need and cost saving requirement.

Slash the Set up Time

In today’s fiercely competitive world, there is no longer much scope of spending unlimited amount of time in arranging for office set up and infrastructure. Every hour of delay translates into business loss. Moreover competition has increased to such an extent that businesses keep on struggling to lower delivery time and cope with logistics demand. Centre A makes it extremely easy for any start up or small business or newly opened up corporate branch to quickly forge its roots into the dynamic business environment of Kochi. Right from getting co shared office space in Kochi to virtual office in Kochi, Centre A can make business set up very easy for both small and big business owners.

Affordable yet Premium Business Address

By partnering with Centre A, you can get to avail one of the costliest and prestigious real estate spaces in Kochi i.e. MG Road which is one of the busiest commercial centres. This retail space will be available at a huge cost savings as compared to commercial Kochi real estate rate. In fact it is possible to achieve 35% savings in real estate costs when one invests in Centre A. Corporate branding needs of any good business house can easily be met once the premium real estate space in Kochi of Centre A is flashed in front of customers and business partners.

Cost savings are also achieved as there is no need to hire a lawyer to take care of lease plans. Scalable lease plans are offered which can meet the operational requirements of any business house. The cost savings can be put to good use in building up the brand name and investing in the business.

Holistic service offerings

All businesses are different and sometimes it becomes an issue for a business owner to find the exact service bundle which allows for smooth business set up. This is why Centre A, which is run by the prestigious Alapatt group, comes up with customizable business help plans. All kinds of assistance in operational and administration spheres are provided. Business resources are freed from the daily pressing demands of new set up as Centre A team manages it all at a nominal cost. Some of the affordable specialized services are dedicated customizable call center, virtual receptionist services in Kochi, conference rooms in Kochi, meeting rooms and audio conferencing facilities. With Centre A as an aid it’s easy to lower investment and maximize profit in a city like Kochi.