The world is rapidly becoming a global village and with the blurring of geographical boundaries are now often cross cultural, remote and virtual. While a remote workforce offers a huge set of advantages in terms of cost cutting, time savings and worker preferences; managing the remote workforce sometimes becomes a challenge specially for small or mid sized companies. This is especially true in bustling yet traditional business environments like Cochin where remote worker management facilities are limited. However with the advent of Centre A, Cochin’s first virtual office set up provider, companies are now able to take advantage of facilities like virtual receptionist services in Cochin and virtual office in Kochi.

Starting off with Pilot Runs

Virtual office management is so much more than allowing employees to work from home using laptops, smart phones and other communication devices. It starts with a shift in mindset and building new modes of control over time management, progress trackers and employee supervision. The performance parameters in a virtual office are always output oriented rather than a measure of the physical man hours put in at the office. To make virtual office set up a success it must be first tested on the front line so that their feedback is incorporated into the system. The best way to newly embrace virtual office in your business would be to do a pilot run with a small employee group and monitor results in a small time scale like a month. Center A has a specially dedicated team who are committed to boosting the wave of virtual office management and remote work force management that is helping entrepreneurial growth in a big way.

Building Communication Cycles

A primary mistake that many virtual office managers commit at some point is to neglect regular communication cycles. All employees working at remote locations need to be tracked regularly and managers need to use instant messaging services, chats, phone calls, texting and office software to regulate their movements. Sometimes reading the emotional status and non verbal clues of employees becomes very important and this is often where virtual office managers stumble. However facilities like video conferring facility in Kochi and Audio Conferencing Facilities in Cochin offered by enterprising solution providers like Centre A have made things easier. It is now entirely possible for a virtual office manager to exert the same level of control and communication with employees..

Physical Address Provisions

Even if a business is entirely contributed to by a virtually managed team it still requires a viable physical address to enhance its brand worth. The address becomes the face of the business to clients, customers, business partners and supply chain members. And getting access to a premium business address like MG Road in Kochi could mean all the difference between success and failure to a budding business. Not only does Centre A offer partnered virtual businesses to use the premium MG Road location on marketing and communication materials like business cards, pamphlets and brochures it also provides meeting Rooms in kochi and fully furnished office for rent in Kochi