Business location is now recognized to be one of the major influencers of sales. Recent market surveys done by leading market research firms showed that physical accessibility to target consumer groups is one of the most important prerequisites to a great sales figure. The more flexibility of access your business has, the better would be your sales figures. In a survey spanning 19,000 business owners and members of senior management who were surveyed and interviewed, about 80% of them said that the rate of retaining customers can be enhanced to a great degree by ensuring proximity to key customer groups, partners and supply chain members.

Premium business addresses by Centre A

Centre A is located in the premium location of M.G Road which is one of the busiest commercial stretches of the prosperous town of Kochi. If you are concerned about presenting a good image in front of your internal and external customers then opting for one of the premium office addresses arranged by Centre A is one of the best things you could do to boost your corporate image. The superbly positioned Centre A commercial office spaces for rent in Kochi are highly sought after in the whole state of Kerala. Whether you are running a dynamic start up that is looking forward to establishing its brand name or are managing a well known brand that is looking for a physical location that will suit its image; the Commercial office space for rent in Kochi will meet the needs perfectly.

Location vs. Capital Investment

The biggest stumbling block that most start up businesses face while aiming to procure a premium location is the cost. Hiring a conventional office space in a busy town like Kochi generally requires a rental period of one year and an office set up period of one month. There will be agents involved who will either charge at least 2% on the total amount or the equivalent of one month’s rent. There will be added expense of furnishing the space with office furnishings. Added costs of telecommunications and IT equipment also have to be factored in. The total cost is so huge that spending the same on retail space becomes unaffordable for an entrepreneur or a small scale businessman.

This is where Centre A steps in with a bundle of services for securing commercial office space in Kochi. They offer flexible lease periods, zero agency commissions, zero furniture and fitting costs and inclusive telecommunication set and IT infrastructure. Thus it is possible to achieve a minimum of 35% of savings on securing commercial office space in premium location in Kochi if the services of Centre A are availed.

So now when you feel the requirement for Virtual business address in Kochi or Fully furnished office for rent in Kochi you only need to contact the business representative of Centre A. They also offer value added services like Meeting rooms for rent in Kochi, audio conferencing room in Kochi etc.