There is a new trend of “Corpworking” in Kochi! A new way of corporate coworking.

We all know that workstyle keeps changing from time-to-time. Earlier, people used to argue that coworking spaces are not really meant for the corporates – it’s most preferred by new entrepreneurs with small number of team members. The current trends prove that this perspective is about to be hit hard with some serious facts. Even corporates with large sophisticated workplaces, are now getting access passes to coworking spaces for their employees!  

Corona virus forced all of us to work from home. AS a matter of fact, there would be people who enjoy working from their homes; alone and at their comfort zones. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t ignore that majority of population that wishes to work from an office space, or the people who are not able to convert their home into something as good as their office space. Work from home can also lead to many health issues according to many medical surveys.  

Large corporates – most of which still struggles to have employees in its office space – wanted to come up with an idea to provide better working environment to their employees. And so, many corporates have opted to let its employees have access to coworking spaces. The employees could work from such coworking spaces, any time they like – all they need is the access pass. This has enabled corporates to spend less on traditional office space setup, and also to let the employees work from anywhere part of the nation while enjoying premium services and work atmosphere. They get to network, relax, and work efficiently from such coworking spaces. Moreover, it gives them a sense of relief to have moved from the boring work set-up at home!  

We would stress that one should not just go to any coworking space during the days of pandemic. You need to find a coworking space that takes COVID-19 protocols seriously; just like us at Centre A in Kochi! We constantly monitor our premises to ensure social distancing is maintained and also, the entire facility is sanitized thoroughly at regular intervals throughout the day. 

Would you like to learn more about how you could let your employees work safely from our coworking spaces in Kochi? Get in touch with us today!  


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