Wohoo! It’s been a great year for us and we hope it’s been a great one for you too!

Since 2017 is almost over and everyone’s busy preparing their resolutions for a better personal life in 2018, we thought that it was about time to compile a resolution list for a workplace. Taking up resolutions at your workplace is equally important as, it directly as well as indirectly assists in better personal growth.

It is always better to draw a line at work and know what your boundaries are as this indirectly assists in better corporate behaviour.So go ahead and take a look at our compilation, cut down on those unproductive habits that create chaos at work and nothing else.


  • Stop wasting time on social media
  • Stop being too serious at work
  • Do not keep yourself isolated
  • Start sharing your creative opinions
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. Own it up.
  • Stay in good terms with your coworkers
  • If you are stagnating change your ways.
  • Stop complaining and start doing
  • Stop calling coworkers names that kill their motivation
  • Speak up only if you are adding some value to the conversation

This is just a basic list, we know there’s a lot more to be added. However, we thought getting your basics right first can do the job.
It is very important to focus on your work life this coming year and take necessary steps to build not only your career but your inner-self as well.
Say hello to 2018 with a big smile, work smarter and harder towards your goal for this new year. We wish you all the best and wait up for our next blog!