‘I have no time to exercise’, the usual one-liner from a workaholic. Dear workaholics it’s quite amazing how you can sit at your desk and work for hours together and not get bored or stressed out. However, at times it’s quite important to give yourself a break and stretch out those compressed butt muscles and bored shoulder blades. Finding some ‘me’ time for a workaholic can a bit difficult and that’s why we have compiled some sassy easy exercises you could do at your desk. Also, If you are the shy type you could probably tag along a coworker.

But wait, before we start with the set of exercises, we would like to give you a couple of reasons why stretching out in between work is necessary. Our body is crafted to move and not to sit in a place for 8-9 hours. During work hours do you yawn constantly, or have crazy work mood swings and feel all sluggish? These are some of the signs your body gives, to let you know it’s time to move around and kick start your metabolism. When your muscles are stationary for quite a while, it slows down your metabolism which in turn affects your productivity. Also, researchers have proved that quick workouts during your work-hour helps boost your confidence thereby making you look and feel positive.Stretching out every two hours keeps you more active than any caffeine shot or couple of cigarette drags.

Let’s get to the set of sassy exercises for a toned structure when at work.

  1. Stand on your toes.
    The easiest of the lot, most importantly unnoticeable. This exercise can be done whenever you are at a waiting zone i.e next to a printer/ coffee machine/ fax machine/ scanner etc. All you gotta do is raise your heels and stand on your toes for about 10 secs, repeat 4 sets, wola and your done.
  2. The Hallelujah posture
    Take a step to the right and swing your hands up to the right simultaneously. Repeat the same to the left . Do this at least for 3 minutes and then your done. This is a perfect fun mini workout but get can be embarrassing when done alone. You will be surprised as to how toned your love handles can get when done regularly.
  3. March on the spot
    This may sound easy but works heavy on your thighs, forearm and biceps . All you gotta do is march on the spot and weight lift water bottles simultaneously. It’s quite a workout, but it will get you going through the day.
  4. Walk walk and walk
    Can be done anywhere anytime and wouldn’t look obvious either. Take a brisk walk around your office, keeping your core engaged (i.e inhale and exhale).


These are some of the exercises we follow at our business centre and at times it gets quite fun. It helps in bonding with co-workers, create smiles, and spread positivity. So what are you waiting for, grab your favourite co-workers who wouldn’t mind shaking a leg with you and get going.

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Meanwhile stay tuned while we upload the next set of exercises!