In every workplace, all of us would have probably come across coworkers that are annoyingly, a slacker, a gossiper, or arrogant, and the list goes on. Even if you consider yourself as an easy-going person to work with, you’ve probably encountered that one colleague who continually drives you up the office walls.

Here are five ways to handle your most irritating coworkers:

Positive attitude

The best thing you can do with an annoying coworker is to maintain a positive attitude at all times as when you only dwell on the negative, it disturbs your focus and reduces productivity at work. You have many goals to accomplish every day. Hence you mustn’t let such negativity disturb your productivity.

Look for a common interest

If you have an annoying coworker that you frequently bump into at office premise; It’s better to look for at least one common interest as it makes your conversation and working with that person easier and more tolerable.

Overlook flaws

A slacker or an arrogant coworker? Simply ignore them. If your boss Lets the problem slide by, even if it drives you nuts, don’t feed into their flaws. This will only add on to your frustration and cause you to become more annoyed.

Kill them with kindness.

If you are dealing with a workplace bully, a negative person, or gossiper, Let us tell you, it’s essential to keep your cool and remain calm, What’s more? Continue being kind towards them. Even if they are trying hard to bring you down, don’t let them drain you out. Stay away from arguments or debates that would harm your work. All you have to do is continue smiling and going about your work as usual.

Be assertive.

If the problem continues to persist, take charge! Stand up for yourself and your needs. Tell your coworker openly face to face he/she is a quite a distraction, and have been negatively impacting your productivity. Of course, be polite, but you also need to be assertive. If this doesn’t work either, then your next step is to approach your reporting head and let them take over it from there.

Do you have any other tips for dealing with irritating coworkers? Comment below!

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