Companies not only serve as platform for individuals to earn their daily living but also serve as plays a big role in the society with its numerous effects. The numerous companies that are continuously emerging daily have always had an influence on the society. Many investors are on the lookout for entrepreneurs to take the world to the next phase of industrial revolution. Most innovative companies have been the next best thing, in terms of their venture and work style. Discoveries around the world have made our globe a competitive yet opportune place to be. Firms have become more and more technology oriented and have great influence in the working style that has become a part of the new generation. Right from the office space to every aspect of the work culture there has been a drastic shift in the way things are functioning at firms.

A key ingredient of any firm is the different platforms that employees use for their day to day functioning. Introducing new technology here will surely have both good and bad impacts. The old employees will generally be reluctant to change; on the other hand the younger employees are mostly influenced and excited by the change. Therefore, it is a great task on the shoulders of the management to help the transitions be smooth and without much trouble. Since more and more firms are completely dependent on technology, this plays big part in the present day organizations. The plan to cultivate a lively surrounding that provides a platform for innovation and quality is the most important objective of any organizations today. Though there is no dearth for talent, ensuring that one finds and sources the right talent that suits the work is very important. Many organizations have kept it as their top priority.

Technology impacts the culture of the organization; there are drastic shifts at times, because of the new platforms that are implemented. However, from the view of the management they radically simplify the whole process. Work becomes more organized and the process becomes much smoother. Organizations go to the extent of setting up fully furnished offices to virtual office setups, to give the creative edge to their firm, even in highly competitive markets like Mumbai, Kochi (Cochin), Bangalore, etc. Research has also indicated that work stations play a big role in the day to day activities at work.

Because of the immense requirement for creativity there is always a huge work pressure associated with firms. However, these firms have found a way to break the pressure by setting up great office space. Some follow a decorative style and others a tech savvy one, anyway they are a clear hit in the employee’s forum. The management from its side continuously looks out for opportunities to enable their employees by aiding their development and improving their experience. However, only great organizations have been able to strike a good balance between the two.  Organizations have been investing highly into infrastructure to help employees experience a near home experience. This has been successfully achieved in great employee friendly organizations like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.