In this fast paced world of merging business boundaries, newer concepts of offices are emerging. One concept which has gained a lot of prominence in bustling commercial cities like Kochi is part time offices. It is a well known fact that setting up a permanent office needs a lot of investment and maintenance. Not every business can afford to keep permanent offices at all strategic client clusters. This is where services like Part time offices in Kochi which is offered by Centre A come as a Godsend. To know more about Part time office spaces and various vital facts related to it, read on:

Who can benefit from part time offices?

If you are running a virtual business or a home based business then renting or purchasing a physical work space is one expense that you do not have to incur. However there are certain occasions like meetings with investors, clients and partners, conferences and seminars where not having a space can work out to your disadvantage and hamper your business reputation. A part time office solution enables you to enjoy all the advantages of a full time permanent office as and when you need at a much lower cost.

Centre A in Kochi offers solutions like virtual office space in Kochi, part time office in Kochi and meeting room for rent in Kochi etc.

Multiple Advantages of Part Time Offices

Part time offices are a better option as compared to traditional office spaces which are usually taken for a fixed lease period between 3 to 5 years. The overhead costs and the maintenance expense of a part time set up are much lower and the savings can be used in business development and business promotion.

Facilities like private concierge service in Kochi, virtual receptionist services in Kochi and administrative/ housekeeping staff is available on demand by packages offered by Centre A. You need to only pay for services which you avail for a limited period of time. You are also spared from the hassle of looking for new staff and setting up amenities in the office.

You can choose a work space be it open cubicle/ closed rooms or co working space as per your requirement in part time offices. There is a lot of choice available in part time serviced offices offered by prestigious firms like Centre A.

Boosting Entrepreneurship

Part time working spaces actually confirm to the new age flexible working models that have boosted the growth of entrepreneurship and economic development in India. Kochi is one of the most entrepreneur friendly cities in India, thanks to firms like Centre A which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs gain a strong foothold in the market.

Flexible working models offer a great degree of autonomy to the employee and ultimately encourage a start up to attract the right kind of talent. Sometimes start ups find it difficult to afford spaces in the booming commercial real estate space in Cochin. However Centre A has made premium business addresses in bustling MG Road of Kochi available to entrepreneurs at very affordable costs.