Did you know, hiring teams in organisations, be it big or small are not looking for candidates who are proficient and fit perfectly in just a specific role. Hiring managers look for people who are competent, confident, creative and multi-task efficiently. In this blog, we bring to you 10 such workplace character traits that can buy you your dream job instantly.


  1. Clever:
    Be quick to understand and diligently handle multiple tasks. Being CLEVER is a very important workplace character trait one could possess. The ability to juggle between multiple tasks yet positively contributing your best towards completing every task makes you a perfect fit for any workplace.
  2. Competitive:
    Be zealous and positive especially when put under pressure as it directly helps in boosting one’s morale. Being uncompetitive and slouchy at your workplace is improper and imparts negativity.
  3. Happy-go-lucky:
    Be able to adapt to situations positively. It is impossible to build a comfort zone of your own in any workplace. Every business environment is dynamic, hence the ability to adapt with ease is essential.
  4. Punctual:
    Reach work on time and complete tasks as per schedule. Rushing to work can drain out all the energy you have for the day. It is always better to plan your day ahead and reach work at least ten minutes early than the allotted time. This allows you to relax and refresh before you start your day.
  5. Listen:
    It’s easy to shout but difficult to listen. Choose to be the one who listens. The perfect combination of an avid listener and an independent thinker is sure to lock your dream job.
  6. Relaxed:
    Every job/ task is bound by endless pressure and you cannot fight all this pressure with aggression. Instead you can choose to stay stress-free and create your workflow to manage assigned tasks efficiently.
  7. Curious:
    Question, understand and learn company goals and objectives. Personal goals and company goals can never be on the same line. Hence it is very important for you to understand what are the company objectives and how can you use it for personal growth.
  8. Creative:
    Be able to innovatively use available resources to complete tasks assigned. A very wacky trait one could own. Possessing this trait can make you an indispensable asset for the organisation.
  9. Responsible:
    Hold one-self responsible for the tasks assigned and do best in completion. Remember it is always easy to play the blame game but it takes a whole lot of guts to accept one’s own mistakes. Choose to be responsible for the tasks assigned to you.
  10. Open-minded:
    Be able to take all criticisims as constructive and essential for career growth. Keep your mind open as that is what being mature is all about. Getting low every time you are criticised can often lead to negativity and aggression. Take it with a pinch of salt and you are done for the day.


So, do you possess any of these? If you possess all of them, you are indeed a superhuman and it’s about time you get started with your business. We can give you a hand in it.

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