It’s a wrap 2016! That was quick wasn’t it? Before we start with another year filled with blues. Here are a couple of tips to help keep away weekday blues.

  1. Add a color pop
    Regular grey walls get boring to look at, as time goes by and adds to weekday blues. Choose a wall that’s idle, and add a dash of color by hanging a wall art, or getting it painted or simply pasting a wall paper.  Experience the instant mood upliftment everytime you look around.
  2. Add a mirror
    If your workspace/ office space is cramped up, choose to strategically place or hang a mirror as this can make the office look bigger and adds on to be an element of style.
  3. Invest in new chairs
    Chairs are what you sit on all day, which means you need to sit on comfortable chairs for better posture. Invest in comfy chairs that help keep your posture upright and prevent you from slouching on chairs.
  4. Minimal Storage shelves
    Install minimal storage shelves instead of bulky drawers or open shelves. Minimal wall mounted shelves not only decks up the wall but also helps in keeping your nitty gritties in place.
  5. Stack your favorite books
    Bring a few of your favorite readables to work. This helps in breaking the work monotony and lightens stressful situations. So the next time you get all worked up grab your favorite book and zone out for an hour or so.
  6. Invest in cable organizers
    Cable clips are easily available online. Invest in a few colorful cable clips. This brightens up your work desk apart from serving as a cable organizer.

Redo your workspace once every three months to break the work monotony. Redoing a workspace doesn’t necessarily mean painting the whole office. You can add a change by doing the smallest of things like strategically placing small potted plants or charms, hanging up different wall arts, setting up little stationery organizers etc.
We wish you all success for the coming year! Happy 2017.