Remote business? We have a solution to take it a notch higher – Virtual Offices

Keeping pace with ever-evolving face of professionalism and technology is now all the more 

easier with Virtual Offices. If you have an idea for your startup and all you need is an office 

space but do not have that capital to exhaust, then simply opt for Virtual Office Solutions. 

Virtual offices let you maximize your productivity without boundaries while becoming more 

constructive wherever business takes you. Work from anywhere you want with extremely 

cost-effective packages. In short, do everything possible, anywhere you are. Take the first 

step towards smart working, choose our Virtual office solutions. 

Virtual offices let you have your own office address in prestigious locations. Basically you 

get your own office without having to invest in one. 

How our Virtual Offices can support your growth: 

  • Our prime business address on your business cards, websites and all other business communication – thus giving your start-up a face of trust and reliability.
  • Dedicated telephone number with personalized phone answering in your company name by our professionally trained receptionists – ensures client satisfaction and credibility.
  • 24/7 voicemail access that ensures you never lose a new lead or leave any customer unhappy.
  • Mail and fax handling as per your instructions 
  • Impress your clients by hosting your meetings at our elite, fully equipped meeting rooms and boardroom at discounted business centre rates

Using Centre A’s virtual offices: 

  • Start your office in Kochi immediately by simply signing up with one of Centre A’s virtual office packages
  • Start a new business with lower risk and lower capital 
  • Focus more on your core business because our professional support team has always got your back.

Our packages start at just Rs.1500/- that’s about $30 per month. 

To know more about our virtual office solutions call us on: +91-7559900050 or email 

us at: 


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