We all know what it is like to hate your job or workplace. We have all been there and done that at least once. Just a handful of us prefer to stay through the tough phase and learn to get through it, but the rest choose to back out and go in search of what might seem non-existent – ‘the ideal job’.

Before you jump to a conclusion and turn in your one month notice, it’s very important to analyze what could be the possible reason for you to hate your job. Reasons can vary, it could possibly be because you hate a coworker or immediate senior or long work hours etc. It is essential to know why you hate as smaller reasons can be dealt with immediately, by confiding the same with those close to you to relieve all the stress or discussing the same with the internal human resource team.


We bring to you 8 common reasons of why you could be hating your workplace. Read on to find out.

    Office politics is something you can’t do away with. Every organisation will have a bunch of employees playing their cards when need be. Office politics can get dirty and destroy one’s mental peace at work. Could this be a reason for you to leave?
    If tasks at work aren’t challenging it begins to get boring and that’s when monotony seeps in. If you wake up everyday and have nothing to feel happy about at work, then it’s probably because your tasks aren’t challenging enough and doesn’t let you explore or advance in your skillset.
    This is the most common reason among the one’s we have listed. Most of us at some point of time during our work phase have felt this seep in. You feel you aren’t being paid enough considering the tasks you are assigned with. You have also noticed that your coworkers have a better pay but no work or less work to accomplish. Money is an important factor that motivates oneself to perform better.
    The people you know or hang out with have better jobs, peaceful work environments, better pay and added festive incentives that makes you feel trapped in a miserable dungeon. However always remember the grass looks greener on the other side but need not be. When in conversations as such, don’t push yourself to looking or feeling miserable about your work place, instead choose to motivate yourself and overcome negativity.
    Lack of appreciation can kill work vibes. Only a handful of people can survive through this phase. It’s quite hard if you don’t feel appreciated specially after completing a difficult task.Could this be the reason you hate your job?
    Most of us find it difficult to gel in with our reporting heads or immediate seniors, specially if they are rude, bossy and short-tempered hence the most infamous reason to resign. But is this reason your’s?
    When your objectives are out of place and not in line with the organisation you work with, it is quite normal to start hating your workplace in less than a month.We cannot expect things to work the way we need, hence compromising and adjusting with work culture forms an integral part of your career. However, compromising below standards results in low self-esteem and self-respect. Be confident and voice out not silent and suppressed.
    If you are going to work only to fulfill your financial needs, then you are most likely to hate your job the very first day. Find passion in what you do. Always remember not to rush where the herd is. Choose to be different, take your time, learn, explore and grow.

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