Are you struggling to maintain your office space? Are you teary eyed every month with office maintenance bills and the never-ending repair lists? Maybe it’s time you go through your goals and prioritise what you need the most; revenue or the unceasing expenses.

Traditional office spaces are great provided you have the capital to burn. These office premises are expensive simply because everything needs to be set from scratch; build workstations, design the reception, short-list best broad-band plans and telephone lines, the list can go on. You have enough on your plate already and it’s about time you realise signing up for a fully equipped office space is way better, as it’s reasonably priced and the capital kept aside for setting up a whole new office can be exhausted elsewhere.


Here’s 5 reasons why you should be signing up for serviced office spaces right away:


Serviced office spaces at Centre A come with a zero capital investment tag and no lease contracts, which means you can choose to pay monthly, choose the office configurations you need all of this without signing on those unpleasant lease contracts.

Ready to move in

If you sign up with a fully equipped serviced office then you can save on the downtime of kick-starting with your business. Centre A offers fully serviced office spaces in kochi, which means everything is sorted in a couple of hours; your workstations are ready, trained admin and IT professionals are all set to help you through your brand journey, unlimited wi-fi for uninterrupted office hours, pantry services for recreation, conferencing solutions for those important meetings and much more.


Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk into a tidy office everyday without having to worry about any repairs and looking out for housekeeping manpower? For that lovely feeling and non stressful days; sign up with us. Our premium serviced office spaces in Kochi come with professional personnels who will take care of all your needs and ensure your space is tidy and organized everyday.

Customized business configurations

A single penny isn’t wasted when you opt for serviced office spaces. You receive invoices only for what you have used and nothing extra. Signing up for serviced office spaces with Centre A would be the best business savings plan you could settle for. You choose what services suit your business operations and bam!, the ‘perfect office’.

Premium services

If a traditional office space is a part of your plan, then you would end up compromising on many other much needed equipments just to set up the premise. All your equipments would come in installments. It doesn’t sound great right? Well, that’s why you need to sign up with premium serviced office spaces by Centre A. Our office space units come with premium facilities such as latest audio visual technology, high enterprise unlimited wi-fi etc, that suit your business operations.
Enough said, sign up already!