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Mr. Johnson, a travel-industry veteran, who now wants to don the mantle of an entrepreneur, sits in the corner of a coffee shop. Pondering on the crucial decisions he would have to make to start his own business, he assesses the several challenges ahead. Like many, Mr. Johnson always dreamed of being his own employer. With enough savings over the years, he feels that it’s about time, but is buoyed by the same worries that haunt any debutant. He earnestly seeks out a level playing field that gives even the small guy the same advantages the big guy has, and it all starts with setting up an office. Moderate maybe, but functional and efficient. A place where he could not just feel secure when going about his confidential business deals, store his important documents and think out new ideas. He also needs it to be comfortable and attractive to his employees, with all equipment and facilities that can drive that can make business easy for him and his colleagues.

Well he knows, it’s asking for too much, but anything less can be a compromise, and Mr. Johnson, like Mr. Evans hasn’t learnt to compromise.

Mr. Evans, sitting in the other corner of the same coffee shop is bit more fortunate, as he inherited a sprawling consulting business from his uncle. However, it’s the growing size of his company, a matter of pride, has turn out to be the reason of his concern. The office space he owns is limited and cannot accommodate the steady growth his business. He has been on a quest for a place that can match the efficient features of his current office, which is located in the heart of the city. The options he has got just don’t fit his budget. All he needs, like Mr. Johnson, is a place that fits both in his vision and budget.

Centre-A Serviced Offices In Kochi for Rent at MG-Road Kochi

Centre-A Serviced Offices In Kochi for Rent at MG-Road Kochi

This is where, Serviced Office accommodation come to the fore. They offer a flexible and cost effective solution to organizations of all sizes. For instance, Mr. Johnson would be happy to rent 2-3 seats for his startup, while Mr. Evans would do well by hiring the entire floor. Add the bonanza of services, and what you get is the ideal office that’s every entrepreneur’s dream.

So, what are the advantages that a company like Center A, an established office space and enterprise solutions company in Kochi, could offer?


This is probably the biggest advantage serviced office space can provide to your company. With lease terms available on flexible monthly or quarterly terms, your business doesn’t get tied down to a long term contract. It gives you the much needed peace of mind, complementing the swiftness required in today’s businesses scenario. This lets you expand freely, as you can now quickly up and down size to go with your business needs and demand.


Serviced office providers are usually found in major business-centric locations of the city. For instance, Center A has is located at M.G. Road, heart of Kochi’s Central Business District, and boasts of one of the finest business addresses in Kerala.

The proximity to all major commercial centers gives you the edge when it comes to pitching for new business, as a professional business address will always leave a good impression on your potential clients and partners.

Ready-made services

Technology-equipped conference rooms; and phone number; administrative support; and your very own “tele-receptionist” to answer your calls, in the flesh, patching them through to you, wherever you may be. Because as the old adage goes – “The more professionally your phone is answered, the more impressive you are to clients and prospects.”

In addition, you won’t have any property management problems to contend with like worry about cleaning, building security or even changing a light bulb, as there exists a center staff to take care of it all.

Single Bill

In addition, serviced space also makes billing headaches a thing of the past – with only one, all inclusive bill falling in your mailbox every month, covering services such as services rent, heating and office maintenance, this also benefits your finances, making it easier to budget when you have more fixed costs.

Thus, by offering a variety of services on a temporary or virtual basis, serviced offices allow you to reap the benefits of a full-fledged office without incurring the high costs.

With all these advantages taken into consideration, enterprise business centres like Center A have seen an all-time high occupancy in the last fiscal, and there will be no surprise if the surge continues.

So if you are one of those many entrepreneurs like Mr. Johnson, you now know for sure that an ideal serviced office can indeed provide you with that level playing field. But again, considering the demand, you might need to act fast.

For more details and booking info, please log on to www.centre-a.com.