Shared meeting or conference rooms in Kochi

Dose kochi offers shared meeting or conference rooms ?


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Kochi offers shared work space not shared meeting room. shared office space is more famous than shared meeting room . shared meeting room concept is not yet lounged in india at present and its not applicable in the present scenario. so people in kochi normally select shared office space , there you will get one meeting room that can be booked when u have a requirement. In kochi offers shared office space with meeting room facility in MG-Road Kochi, with fully furnished office space, coworking space, virtual office , serviced office , office support service, commercial office space etc. you also get the support of virtual receptionist with IVR and call forwarding facility. Contact Info Centre A , Alapatt Heritage Building, MG Road (North End), Kochi – 682035 +91-755-99-00020 +91-755-99-00030 +91-755-99-00040

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