Caught up in a race to be successful?  That’s totally okay, who doesn’t want to be successful. But what most of us forget is, we just keep focusing on being successful and  miss out on the little details of the whole journey to success. We mark success as a destination to reach, if one wants to be happy, but fail to understand that success isn’t a destination as believed it’s a daily practice; sort of like a routine.

When successful, it’s quite obvious you are the game changer, you have the cards and can choose to play them your way. But what determines the success you claim to posses is the level of happiness you are in. So let me ask you; how many of you are successful and happy at the same time? Not many,  as very few people can balance success and happiness the rest are too busy creating feathers for their hat and miss out on the strings of life.

This time, we are here to tell you to slow down,  focus on happiness and voila!, there you are closer to success. Here are a few tips on how to be happy that can lead you to success automatically:

  1. Smile : – Keeping smiling always. It uplifts your soul makes you feel and look younger. It’s hard to put up a smile all the time. But you can try, right?
  2. Be truthful :- Say the truth irrespective of the situation you are in. Isn’t saying one truth better than 100 lies? Staying truthful keeps your mind fresh and stress free. There are times when telling the truth can hurt someone or put you in trouble. But, hey is carrying a gunny bag on your shoulder difficult or walking free?
  3. Be thankful :- We aren’t talking about being religious from head to toe, but to thank God everyday for giving you another beautiful day to be yourself.
  4. Exercise :- We have been stressing on this one previously,  a couple of stretches or a quiet 10 minute meditation can keep you high on spirits till the end of day.
  5. Do new stuff :- Exploring new things and learning to do them can get you out of your comfort zone, it helps you discover new things you could be passionate about. It helps in breaking the everyday monotony you otherwise brag about.
  6. Eat healthy :- Don’t worry we aren’t going to tell you to follow a diet plan. This is just a gentle reminder to include fruits, veggies and whole grains in your everyday meal.
  7. Helping others :- No, you don’t have to run around helping every other person you see on the street, but helping at least one can change your outlook to life and happiness completely.


Let happiness be your pivot and success will follow. Don’t forget to live, laugh and enjoy life as it comes. Work hard for what might seem distant but don’t miss out on life strings that back you up with emotions.
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