Every corporate whether big or small, is subject to office politics and works along the rule ‘survival of the fittest’. Office politics can get destructive and can also demoralize an organization thereby hampering productivity.

The first rule to survival of the fittest is to never be afraid of facing your politically inspired workspace . Remember, all top performers in every organization have achieved the same only after mastering the act of surviving office politics.

We bring to you 15 holy rules that you should pledge to live by to keep away from your politically inspired workspace.

  1. Be confident and assertive if you believe in something.
  2. Voice neutral opinions/ suggestions.
  3. Never shy away from presenting your ideas and choose to take credit where it’s due.
  4. Do not be a part of gossips or other questionable judgements. Take time to judge its credibility.
  5. Admit your mistakes. Do not blame your co-workers unnecessarily.
  6. If you manage a team then act the way you want your team to be. Refrain from negative politics and set an example of leadership instead.
  7. For all concerns faced during office hours, focus only on the issue and not on the person.
  8. It is okay to say no, however, make sure you explain the reason for refusing the request and offer alternative solutions that could help complete the task.
  9. Do not waste time in planning revenge missions as it is most likely to backfire.
  10. Offer to help once a while even though you have other responsibilities that need your attention.
  11. Improve tough relations, nothing is impossible.
  12. Caught up in a heated argument or overheard someone gossiping about you? Don’t lose your cool.
  13. Do not choose to be a part of the hot shot group. The group in power today will be replaced tomorrow.
  14. Observe everything admire nothing.
  15. Be patient after all, isn’t patience a virtue.

We hope these 15 holy commandments, help you master the survival. If it doesn’t then it’s about time you pull out your dreams from the closet.

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