Tackle Monday – 5 Tips of how Successful People do it.

Sleep, but don’t snooze your alarm

It’s hard to catch up on lost sleep. The best way to have a balanced sleep for the entire week could probably mean you sleep through Sunday and snooze your alarm on Monday morning to squeeze in that extra 10-15 minutes. Well, do NOT hit the snooze button. If you have an alarm set for the day then make sure you wake up then. As snoozing an alarm will make you feel more tired and slow. We all know Monday is enough of a drag on its own and hitting that snooze only digs a deeper hole for you to climb out.

Get Physical.

Countless studies show that exercise not only motivates and improves work performance but also pulls us out of a slump. When you exercise (i.e., strength training, running, or walking) for at least 20 to 60 minutes 3 times a week, and make it a routine you can already feel your mental state balanced.

Check on your emails but action it when you get to work, set your mood right for the week.

The beginning of the week is quintessentially the time when you set your mental state for the entire week, so be careful with the way you plan it out. Stay focused on big projects ahead and devote brainpower there. The distractive power of email can mess up your brain away from significant planning and into minutia that can wait.

Don’t take big decisions on a Monday.

“Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.” honestly very true say when it comes to ‘Mondays’. Making any significant decisions when depressed is almost always counterproductive and later regretted. Big decisions can wait until Tuesday if you start to shape your schedule that way.

Plan and schedule work that has real results on Mondays.

Spend your Mondays with a list of goals that are attainable. Do tasks and projects that can be finished quicker and have a box, of course, to check it off. It can be as simple as organizing your desk, planning the entire month, writing thank you notes to staff, or knocking out some of those ‘business as usual’ tasks you never seem to ‘get time for.’ Keep running this “Monday punch list” as finishing a to-do list can do wonders for your soul.

If you do face Sunday Blues, know that you’re not alone and that they will pass.


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