Technology has showed its power, in our world, through the various forms in which it has manifested itself. It has had and will continue to impact the work culture of our day. A recent study indicates that strong leadership which is directed towards promoting innovative technology was 26 percent more profitable than its industry peers and had 9 percent higher revenue. Certain, business leaders believe we are in the midst of a technological revolution that is as powerful as the industrial revolution.
Though the acceptance of new technology might be a cumbersome task for the old employees, it could improve the smoothness and consistency in the system. Effective and ideal use of technology in the business process can highly impact the quality of the product in a manufacturing set up and it will improve the efficiency of the process in a service oriented company.
Today, traditional office spaces are expensive and are increasingly counterproductive for efficient wok. It becomes the duty of the top management to effectively determine the location and the kind of working environment that needs to be created. Technology has provided the management with wings and they can choose broad options as to the kind of working environment that will suit their business. It becomes the duty of the management to ensure that everything about the kind of technology they want to implement has to be decided and not left to happenstance; this also helps in reducing costs.
Technology also has its impact on the work culture. Though, there is a widespread acknowledgement that every business is becoming a technology business, only those firms which have leveraged upon it have proved itself in its specific industry. A few decades ago there was no internet, mobile marketing, telecommunicating, etc., today they are indispensable part of the daily routines of any company and social life.
Virtual office is another stream in the flurry of innovations and ideas that are affecting the business environment. The idea of virtual office has caught up in India from its start in Colorado, 1994. A virtual office in Kochi, Kerala has services that are in par firms across the globe. This has been extraordinary power of technology, a universal justness.
A virtual office is ideated with the intention to blend the best of home and work and the costs incurred are marginal and is beneficial for firms. From having a fully furnished office in Kochi to having a virtual receptionist in Kochi the decision to implement the kind of work culture depends on the top management. However, one thing that has to be kept in mind is that though our brain works in a linear manner, technology works in an exponential manner. They have reduced the impacted the scale advantage that had prevailed from the time of the industrial revolution. As the technology cycles are decreasing, the management is trying to keep with up with its pace through innovative methods. There is a strategic shift in the way firms are looking at technology.