Serviced offices have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years because of the multiple benefits they offer. More and more entrepreneurs/ franchisee operators and businessmen are now opting for the package of a business property and service instead of arranging their own set up. So what are the advantages that really distinguish a serviced office from just a physical working space.

Fuss free and short lease agreements

With serviced offices and commercial spaces with full furnishing, the lease period is usually quite shorter. Operators like Centre A, who offer such services, charge on a rolling basis for the total amount of facilities that has been used. Cumbersome fixed charges are usually absent and the model works on a pay as you use basis. So as a business owner you can choose which services to use at what time and then you need to only pay for those particular services.

Reduced operational hassle

Sometimes petty decisions like which computer to buy and how to arrange for electrical wiring and where to procure new furniture from eats away all the passion of the entrepreneur. The business owner becomes so involved in a million operational things that there is no time to strategise, make new sales plans or improvise on products and services. For a new business the stress of having to arrange a new space and fulfill the procedural requirements sometimes ruins enthusiasms of the entrepreneur and has an overall dampening effect. The best decision that a first time business owner could take is to move into a rented and serviced office such as fully functional serviced apartments in Kochi that are provided by Centre A.

Slashed lead times

For a new business owner and entrepreneur, the process of setting up business in itself is a time consuming stage. One has to buy furniture, do the décor, set up fittings and install communication systems. All this eats up precious business hours and increases the lead time before one can actually get down to work. Serviced offices offer a readymade scalable solution in which the business can immediately begin selling goods and services. The lead time between thinking of starting a business to actually starting business transactions is highly reduced.

Pre trained support manpower

Usually operators of serviced apartments maintain a certain standard of service and technology in order to ensure that the facilities meet the requirements of business owners. Prestigious Alapatt Group owned Centre A in Kochi, for example, makes sure that their virtual receptionist services in Kochi and office staff are all well trained. As a business owner, a pre trained support staff team comes with the serviced apartment and they ensure smooth operational run of the office. There is no added time and expense involved in looking for manpower, training them and familiarizing them to the office environment.

With so many advantages it is not surprising that serviced offices are now the preferred choice amongst new age businesses and start ups.