Working from home might be a convenient option but it certainly does not suit the needs and temperament of all employees. A work from home model may also be pretty difficult for the employer to manage which is why businesses often see slumps in productivity level when workers are always contributing from their home. Virtual offices present a better and an affordable alternative to pure work from home arrangements.

A great 21st Century Solution

Virtual offices allow employees to maximize their productivity and save employers lots of resources in terms of unused space and saved electricity bills. In case an entrepreneur has started off with a home business but also needs the dedicated professionalism, desired stability and legitimate structure that a brick and mortar structure brings; virtual offices present the best solution.

Work from home using only a smartphone and a computer does not give employees, colleagues and employers the platform to collaborate effectively for maximized productivity.

A perfect combination of discipline and flexibility

Virtual offices come coupled with the benefits of a result-oriented work environment which focuses on deliverable results in a fixed time frame. Virtual offices use customized voice recognition systems, instant messaging, wikis, conferencing and group chats to keep employers, managers and workers in the loop. There are clear reporting structures and established milestones to be achieved which ensure a sense of discipline. However employees also have the flexibility to choose their own time zones and their work location.

In work from home arrangements often discipline and focus are lacking and employees miss out on achieving goals in fixed time frames due to lack of supervision.

Fulfilling Social Needs

Working from home without the support of a collaborative platform often makes workers, who work from home, feel unfocused and lonely due to lack of social interaction. A virtual office set up uses collaborative platforms, advanced hosted technology and messaging services to connect employees to each other and ensure that communication and interactions continue in a healthy flow. Though virtual offices in Kochi cannot replace the humane touch of the brick and mortar coffee vending machine and the water cooler what virtual technology can do is to provide the next best simulated environment possible.

Using the occasional physical front

Virtual offices today recognize the need for a brick and mortar space in order to establish their credibility and brand value in certain situations. When it comes to important client interactions, customer meetings, conferences etc it becomes important to come up with a physical space that can enhance the brand value of a business. Business facilitation services like Centre A provide premium office spaces for hire in Kochi and conference facilities in Kochi at premium locations to virtual businesses. In fact meeting rooms can also be rented for as short a time as a few hours.

When a work from home set up uses collaborative technology and support services to convert itself into a virtual office it helps enhance performance in so many ways.