As the recruitment drive is on, and job opportunities flooding in, it is important to know which offer suits you. In this blog we have compiled a set of pre-requisites to help you analyse if the extended job offer qualifies your candidature. We hope these hacks will help you determine if the job you have in hand benefits your career.

Things to remember before accepting job offers - Tips

Job Role :-

Go through the job role and responsibilities. Ask yourself if the extended opportunity interests you and can you add value to the business? Know if the role includes solving critical situations as by doing so it gives you a better idea of how secure your job can be.

Work-life balance :-

Before you accept the extended offer, be sure to understand if the task you are assigned to do will bring about lifestyle changes. Most importantly are you willing to accept these changes. If the extended offer is bound to make unpleasant lifestyle changes than it is essential that you give the offer another thought. It’s better you make up your mind than having to regret the compromise for a lifetime.

Salary benefits :-

Understand if the extended opportunity is backed up with a financial raise of about 25 – 50% hike. Analyse if the raise and the new salary structure will help you invest more in taxing saving plans.

Company’s Financial stability :-

Know if the company is financially sound. Incase the company is financially insecure then it is likely that the extended job opportunity is flimsy thus requiring you to look out for another job in no time.

Brand Value :-

Every company has an industry value. The value can be high, average or low. It is important to know the company’s market value as if you plan to take up the extended opportunity with the company, who’s market value is much lower than the required average it may result in similar opportunities paving your way in future.

Work Environment :-

While you are at the interview ask the concerned person about the current work scenarios, hierarchy of work and reporting heads, the important workflows etc. Also ask the Human resource leader to walk you around the office as this helps you understand what is the environment you would be working in if you opt for the offer.

Company growth:-

Do not shy away from asking the concerned person about the growth of the company. You can quantify the growth by asking what is the team size, the number of departments, the revenue they earn yearly, the branches if any etc. This helps you understand if the company is subject to growth in future.

We hope these insights help you decide if the job offer you have in hand is worth giving a try. Happy Work!