Every environment comes with a set of rules one needs to adhere to in order to maintain peace and tranquility. Office environment is one such space that requires a specific rule book to follow. Many of us carry our personal problems or choose to behave however we want, when at work thus resulting in problems uncalled for.


We present to you a list of office dont’s you need to follow. This list can go on and on, but we choose to keep it short and pick out just the common and most important office rules one needs to follow for a better workplace.

Never do this at work:-

Say sorry a million times:

We are bound to make mistakes every minute and you must know that it is totally okay to mess up. If it’s a small mistake that can be fixed without worry then a simple sorry is enough. If the mistake made is irreversible and has led to a big screw up, just take a deep breathe and apologize to the concerned authority in private stating your part in the problem. However, always remember not to make unrealistic promises while you apologize just to keep the other person’s heart. Saying sorry a million times is never a solution to any problem so if you are over-apologizing at work you need to stop that right away

Attending dramatic phone calls at work:

At times, our personal life chooses to take a negative turn and decide to give us lemons in the form of nasty, aggressive phone calls. However, always try your best to limit these nasty, dramatic, loud phone calls at work and save them for home . Do not subject your coworkers and your environment to your personal life drama. If the nasty call is very important to attend to then make sure you go somewhere in private to vent it out.

Social networking:

One of the on-going trends at work that results in decreased productivity is being glued to your social platforms and updating pictures of what you are upto with unlimited hashtags! You are getting paid for the work you do and social networking can wait. Refrain from social media activities unless you are hired to do so, most of all if you cannot skip social networking while at work then make sure you use it only during your lunch breaks and definitely not on your office system but on your phones.

 Do not be a walking perfume:

Office environments are mostly closed and walking around in such environments with a heavy dose of your perfume circling around can get annoying. Not everyone can love a fragrance you love. So make sure you use a mild perfume or use small quantities while getting ready for work. Remember you are going to work and not a party.

Disturb your co-workers

At times when at work we find ourselves disturbing other coworkers while they are working simply because we are bored and low on productivity levels. Doing so you are just proving to be a nuisance at work. Hence refrain from such activities!

Sharing sensitive information.

Office information is always private and sensitive, you never know how it could end up harming or disowning your workplace. If you happen to keep such office information and you are not sure about its sensitive nature then it is a must you keep the information confidential unless you are required to share.

Conspire against coworkers

It’s okay not to like everyone you work with however it is definitely not okay to build a conspiracy against the one you hate. Work as a team and solve problems instead of creating new ones. Attempting to conspire results in low productivity and negative vibes.

Whine or crib all the time:

You can’t love going to work every day, there are times when things at work can get you frustrated. However, whining about it is never going to give you a solution. So calm your inner kid and if you really think there is a problem at work then walk up and talk to the concerned authority and jointly find a solution.

So these are a few common rules we have compiled there are more on the list. If you have any such office rule you think should be followed, comment below!