This is the land that is famously known as ‘God’s own country’, widely known for its culture

heritage, unique customs, rituals, structure, offerings and festivals. The beauty of the land is even

more colorful and vibrant during the monsoons. In this blog I will be talking about the different

aspects of Kerala that attract tourists around the world.


The Backwaters: This is indeed a well known attraction for tourists around the globe.The

serenity and peace of relaxing along the beautiful backwaters brings backs a sense of the



Ayurvedic treatments:  The sense of nature truly surrounds the land. This is one phenomenon

that will surely stand tall among the many wonders of this land.


Cochin/Kochi Port: From virtual offices to the decorated streets, fully furnished offices or

exceptional landscapes, nothing beats the heritage Cochin/Kochi port. The old part of the city has

many cultural attractions and the famous Chinese fishing nets.


The horizons of tea plantations: The weather and aura of these locations build a sense of

oneness with nature. These picturesque locations are indeed a delight to the eyes.


The great beaches: If you are a great admirer of sand, sunsets and a lazy relaxing atmosphere

you would truly love these beaches.


Wildlife Sanctuaries: The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is among the popular of nature reserves of

India. It is home to sambar, wild boar, bison, langur, elephants and tigers.


Homestay: The Guidebook publisher Lonely Planet rated Kerala as one of their top family

friendly destinations for 2014 and recommended a homestay.


Food for the soul: Kerala is famously known as the spice bowl of India. It is a great treasure not

only for the state but the entire nation. The Portuguese and Dutch could resist the grand treasure;

it is something you should never miss.


The Waterfalls: The vividness of nature and alluring places to visit are but a sublime experience

to the spirit. The beauties of nature that gush down hills, crags, mountain sides have the power to

enchant you and these sites can leave you breathless. The pristine beauty of the natural cliffs and

ranges add to the colours of the state. The long monsoon season of the state enhances these great

waterfalls and gives a perennial water supply to add on to the beauty of these waterfalls.


Dance Forms: There are nearly 50 dance forms in Kerala. The Kathakali, originated over 500

years ago, a theatrical dance form that means story-play (Katha –story and Kali – play) depicts

story through a classical dance form. Mohiniattan is a sensual dance form that involves graceful

movements. Theyyam, Thullal, Kodiyattam are some of the other famous dance forms.


These pointers are but a few highlights of Kerala. To understand the great beauties of this land

you really need to discover a lot more. From the soft, white sand beaches, to the calm and

composed people, a small heaven amidst the tropical, fresh spices, tea plantations and a place

where literature has gained its prominence and a really unique culture … this is Kerala.