Here are some helpful tips on office etiquette.

Meeting rooms

  • Don’t look at your phone and appear distracted.
  • Don’t talk to others when someone is presenting
  • Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking. Ask all questions at the end
  • Don’t eat out loud during a meeting as this looks rude.
  • Keep the meeting room tidy.

Breakout Areas

  • You must respect people’s private time and avoid acting in an invasive way.
  • Avoid being disruptive and talking out loud.
  • Keep this area tidy & clutter-free for others.
  • Don’t become unproductive and spend the whole day here. Time yourself.
  • If it limited office space, then be fair and ensure everyone has a chance to use the breakout area.

Your Office Desk

  • Keep it clean and in good condition at all times.
  • Use your office storage sensibly by not leaving food and drink in your draws.
  • Don’t keep any obvious offensive items in your office desk.
    Don’t swear out loud around your office spaces as this can make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Try not to eat & drink here. Use the kitchen.