Technology has had a great impact on the way business works and one of the most remarkable one is the advantage smartphones offer to a business enterprise. Mobile apps have made it possible for entrepreneurs to administer their business on the go! Here are 10 mobile apps that every businessman should have to improve the professional life:

  1. Microsoft Office Mobile
    No other app makes it more opportune to view, create and edit documents on the go. Developed by the Microsoft Corporation, Office Mobile is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms and is the top app used my professionals for viewing, creating and editing word documents, power point presentations, excel sheets etc.
  1. Mail Tracker
    Want to get notified when someone opens your email? Mail Tracker does the job more perfectly than any other app available in the market. It even tells the user how much time was spent on a particular email and from which device it was retrieved. Now how does that sound? Cool!  Mail Tracker is currently available only for iOS.
  1. Cisco WebEx Meeting
    The American technology company CISCO, has come up with a brilliant app which helps in conducting meetings from remote locations. Apart from video/audio conferencing features, what makes WebEx Meeting unique is its ability to attach any file, to share with the other parties in a meeting. Nothing more than just WebEx Meeting is required to hold a meeting on the go.
  1. Dropbox
    Are you worried if important files might get deleted accidentally or by a system malfunctioning? Get your files stored on world’s most used cloud storage, Dropbox! It offers 2GB of free space and you could also earn 3GB of storage space by using it to upload your files. It also helps in keeping someone off your secret files. When other cloud storage apps require its users to purchase extra storage space, Dropbox lets its users expand their storage capacity by referring Dropbox to others.
    This exemplary app lets your track your daily expenses efficiently. It helps you in minimizing expenditure by letting you realize where money was spend unnecessarily and also, helps in preparing a better budget for the future. For example, you could easily analyze how much money you’ve spent on your commercial office space in kochi.
  1. Trello
    Organize and assign work to your workforce easily with the productive app Trello! Trello lets you communicate with your team and assign work even when you are not in the office. Another advantage of Trello is that it enables users to share comments or feedback on a particular task, assigned or completed.
  1. Evernote
    Evernote lets you save pictures from the internet, create to-do lists, store reminders, voice notes and much more! Every note you save can also be shared with others. It’s currently available on Android, windows phone and iOS.
  1. Google Maps
    Imagine that you’re new to Kochi, and you are trying to find some business centres in kochi. How would you find one? Just ask Google Maps. Yes! It can help you find what you need in any part of the globe.
  1. Google Analytics App
    Most businesses in today’s world own a website and it is important that a business owner understands how well his website is performing. Google Analytics helps in knowing the number of website views, location of the viewers, average time spent on the website etc. right from your mobile device. It’s a knotty task but Google Analytics’ clean and user-friendly UI makes things easy.
  1. Hootsuite
    Every business requires social media presence today. Hootsuite helps in managing all your social media pages right from the app which means you require just one login to access all your social media pages. You can also upgrade to Hootsuite pro version depending on your needs at approx.Rs.615/month.