With the advent of co-working spaces, the traditional working culture has drastically changed and has gathered the reputation of channeling more productivity in people.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, individuals working in co-working spaces grow at a rate of 6% to 7% higher than traditional workspaces, which is why, over the last few years, organizations, entrepreneurs & individuals are becoming more inclined towards the concept.


A co-working space allows individuals and organizations to connect, learn, and grow as they get the opportunity to network with people associated with diverse areas of business.

In contrary to traditional office spaces, consisting of an inflexible working environment, co-working spaces empower individuals to work with ample freedom to move around in a lively atmosphere, which in turn results in more productivity.


Co-working spaces bring about an ideal fusion of work and community-driven employee networking/ culture resulting in a perfect work-life balance where people would love coming to work and indeed would look forward to learning something new every day.


Hoping on to the facts of why people love working out of a co-working space:

1) Work Flexibility

Co-working spaces nurture communities by motivating them to work by themselves or in collaboration with others at their will.  Flexibility is the core value that defines co-working spaces. By opting to work at a co-working space, companies and individuals alike are free to choose their working hours and desired workspaces that are the most suitable work for them. There might be a common notion lingering around that in co-working spaces, one loses his/her personal space. However, the truth is that co-working spaces do not force interaction of any kind. You are free to remain introvert, or you can open up your business world with like-minded individuals. The choice is yours.

2) Building a Community

When one works in a co-working space, you almost instantly attain a sense of gratification as you automatically feel you are a part of a community that thrives. Co-working spaces are a great place to collaborate with others and learn, and offer extraordinary opportunities to companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create and expand their network. By working in a community type workspace, it helps employees to be more structured and disciplined, thereby making them more efficient and productive. Most importantly, the community managers walk that extra mile to make sure everybody is better has everything they need to be more productive so that they can work with full potential and ensure improved efficiency.

3) Workspaces of the future

With the advent of co-working offices, companies and individuals are exploring this workstyle of collaboration. Most of the co-working space providers offer customizable office spaces that define ones unique style of working. A lively and exciting workplace

atmosphere can cultivate enhanced productivity in employees and ensure result yielding outcomes. Co-working office spaces are believed to be a place for all because they provide different styles of workspaces which can cater to every individual be it a freelancer, small start-up groups, mid-sized or large companies and is equipped with all the necessary features needed to be more productive and become successful.


The culture of flexibility, collaboration, and community is here, and comfortable workspaces like co-working offices simply boost a culture as such. Co-working places create the right melange of freedom and structure, thus pushing everybody to contribute their best.


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