One of the highest fixed expense for any business or enterprise is typically the cost of a retail space including rent, maintenance, furnishing, overhead costs etc. Usually in all big towns and cities it is the norm to stick to a contract (usually for a period between 3 to 5 years). Considering all factors, a high financial price is paid to set up an office. The practical antidote to this situation is a serviced office like the furnished offices in Kochi offered by Centre A. There are several advantages of opting for this kind of arrangement

Short lease agreements

With serviced offices and commercial spaces with full furnishing, the lease period is usually quite shorter. Operators like Centre A who offer such services charge on a rolling basis for the total amount of facilities that has been used. So if you do not want to use meeting rooms, audio conferencing facilities or tele- conferencing facilities every month you will not have to pay for them. You get to pay for the exact amount of time you will be using the apartment for and that is always a cost saver. Later if you want to buy your own space you can easily do that without fear of breaking any contract.

Reduced Downtime

Moving into new premises causes a lot of delay in the progression of business. You have to buy furniture, do the décor, set up fittings and install communication systems. All this eats up precious business hours and increases the lead time before you can actually get down to work. Serviced offices in Kochi are already ready to use and operational from the first day. Everything from the phone to the private concierge service is ready for use from the very first business hour.

Benefit of trained staff

Operators of serviced apartments have to maintain a certain standard of service and technology in order to ensure that the facilities confirm to the highest standards. Center A in Kochi, for example, makes sure that their virtual receptionist services in Kochi and office staff are all excellently trained. Technological equipment is also modern and updated and available at a low cost in a serviced and furnished office.

Reduced Hassle

For a new business the stress of having to arrange a new space and fulfill the procedural requirements sometimes eats into the profitability and the enthusiasms of the entrepreneur. The best decision that a first time business owner could take is to move into a rented and serviced office in Kochi which offers all the facilities in an easily available format. Centre in Kochi just requires office operators to sign one document which contains all clauses; thus further reducing paperwork hassle.

Premium Locations

The location can make or break a business though sometimes buying an office space in a premium location is a dream that not every business owner can fulfill. However premium business spaces in Kochi’s bustling MG road are offered by Centre A at a low cost. Serviced office facilities can allow a business to open its doors in a commercially advantageous location.