Top things that complete an office – Startup hub in Kochi

Real estate prices are on the rise, and so is an unstable economy. What does this mean? Many businesses face the dilemma of assembling finances to rent or purchase a workplace. One of the main reasons why working from home might be a good option for small companies, but over the course of time, it gets hard to differentiate work and personal life.

Quite the reason what lead us to create and build a strong network for business-doers, serviced offices in Kochi! It lets a business to accommodate an office customized for its needs without the hassle of renting, furnishing, and maintaining an office space.


  • High-speed enterprise internet connectivity with wi-fi
  • Phone set-up with advanced IP telephone systems and dedicated phone lines
  • Printing stations equipped with high-end printers, scanners, and copiers on every floor


  • Personalized telephone answering by highly trained receptionists
  • Call forwarding services
  • Mail handling
  • In-house IT support staff to address your technical needs
  • Travel desk
  • Business concierge services


  • Car parking facility in the building for you and your visitors
  • A selection of fully-serviced meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • Rooftop cafe to unwind and on-request catering services

All this and more, and that’s why you need to simply switch to fully-serviced office spaces in Kochi


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