We bring to you top 5 destinations to visit in Kerala, go on to choose your pick.

Kerala, best known as “God’s own country”, is a state in South of India and it hubs some of the most visited tourist destinations in India. What attracts tourists the most is the lush greenery, and the distinct culture of Kerala. Kerala is known for temple festivals, tea gardens, elephants, serene backwaters and more!

What excites you the most? Is it history, culture or nature? Kerala is a blend of these, and is a must visit destination in India. Here are top five destinations in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Munnar, Idukki
    Munnar’s viridescent tea plantations will fill your mind with peacefulness. Munnar will be the first destination suggested to any tourist visiting Kerala. Munnar’s tea plantations nest amidst huge peaks, which hides behind the mists of the dawn is a beautiful treat to the eyes. The beauty of Munnar is at its best during winter.
    Few other locations to visit nearby Munnar are Poopara, Kanthaloor, neryamangalam etc.
  2. Fort Kochi, Kochi
    The most visited location in Kerala is Kochi. Tourists from around the world and other parts of India visit Kochi, the queen of Arabian Sea. Fort Kochi, was the first European colony in India. The Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British had been on this soil and the essence of those historical days can still be seen and felt in Fort Kochi. In Kochi, you could visit museums, beaches, Chinese fishing nets, old cathedrals and more! Beyond the limits of the mainland, you could also visit few waterfalls, lakes, rivers, amusement parks etc.
    Kochi is also central to many of the major tourist attractions.
  3. Backwaters, Alappuzha
    The backwater ride on houseboats, through the hushed canals fringed with palm trees on both sides is surely a unique experience. While on board, you could also savour some delicious Kerala seafood! The prices fluctuate during seasons, nevertheless this is a must visit.
  4. Wayanad
    Wayanad is a mountainous district in Kerala, close to the Western Ghats. The scenic beauty of Wayanad is splendid. When visiting Wayanad you will come across many tribal communities, national parks, farms, waterfalls, heavenly view points, historical sites and much more. The mountainous terrain of Wayanad makes it an ideal location of adventure enthusiasts. Few of the best options to consider visiting in Wayanad are Chembra Peak, Banasura Sagar Dam, Sunrise Valley, Edakkal Caves and Soochipara Waterfalls.
  5. Varkala Beach
    At Varkala you will see lush green and tall cliffs that stretches over a large area and at it’s bottom, is a beautiful beach. You can choose to take a walk by the shore or climb up mountains, it’s sure to leave you breathless.