No longer is the concept of business restricted to physical brick and mortar structures. Today the whole world has become a global village and businesses are increasingly cutting across boundaries of space and geography. Contrary to popular perception a virtual office is more than people sitting at home and working from their laptops and smart phones. A new age virtual office is a true representation of the magnified productivity gains that a collaborative platform can bring. Centre A, one of the pioneers of virtual office set up in Kochi, has helped many businesses reinvent themselves.

Blurring Physical Boundaries

In order to keep abreast with the frenetic pace of life, many businesses are demanding virtual office space in Kochi. The concept of virtual office works well because it allows for the maximization of productivity without the creation of boundaries and also helps towards the enhancement of business potential. It is possible for employees to work from whatever location and this cuts on costs too. There are several ways in which virtual offices by Centre A can give your business a huge advantage by helping set up Virtual office in kochi and Virtual business address in kochi .

Collaborative Technology

The use of Wikis, group chats with customizable options and unique office networking software has allowed variable work groups to form and flourish in businesses. The corporate lead time has reduced as collaboration becomes so much easier when supported by technology. There has been a lot of advancement in the fields of artificial intelligence or AI  and voice recognition system along with auto translation services.

A simple example is the professional call management team and the virtual receptionist service in Kochi  which helps business owners manage the dedicated phone number provided to the virtual office. There is facility of Personal customization to call answering details and supervision can be done in coordination with clients.

Rise in Productivity

Intelligent use of software and social networking tools can enhance the productivity quotient of businesses. A good example is a sales rep who can only handle calls from one customer at a time when he/she is using the phone or interacting face to face. The moment the medium of communication becomes instant messaging it becomes easier to handle 2-3 customers within the same time frame. Any kind of office process can vastly benefit from virtual technology as data mining, knowledge transformation and information organization becomes easier. Industry statistics say that almost 70% of all businesses including start ups have started embracing virtual technology in some way.


One thing which has not changed and will probably never change is the need for social interaction. Humans are after all social beings who need a physical space to collaborate. Here is where Centre A meets the social needs of virtual office set up in Kochi as the meetings/ conferences and workshops can be held at business lounge in Kochi (at top locations like M.G Road), conference halls, auditorium at reasonable rates.