Virtual offices and coworking spaces  are the two best office space services that have grown dynamically over the year and has helped new-age entrepreneurs set-up their business effortlessly without being discouraged by the hefty investments for acquiring traditional office spaces, in a city like Kochi. If you are an entrepreneur and is confused between choosing coworking and virtual office services, then go on to read a few facts that could probably lead you to what suits you best.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking is the concept of sharing an office space with other business professionals from different business genres. Coworking spaces are best suitable for start-ups who have about 1-10 employees. Coworking Spaces can help you curtail those expenses incurred while managing the hassle of your own physical workspace. Coworking spaces are fully furnished thus making it affordable.

Here’s what Centre-A has got for you:

  • Dedicated work desk with storage
  • Free secure access to internet
  • A premium business address in Kochi, and more!

Virtual Office spaces

The name says it! It’s virtual, and you don’t have to pay for a physical office space but can still enjoy all the benefit. In a growing city like Kochi,  trying to find an office space at a good location is a hideous task. Virtual office service makes it possible for you to own a business address, without having to invest in a physical office space.

Our virtual office services provide a few exclusive features:

  • Use of Centre A’s premium business address on your business cards, websites and all other communication thereby giving credibility to your start-up.
  • Dedicated telephone number with personalized call answering by our professionally trained receptionists thus ensuring client satisfaction.
  • 24/7 voicemail access allows you to keep your customer service score high.

We could go on with the list of advantages for both, but for now we choose to leave it to you to decide what’s right for your business genre.


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