The concept of flexible working has gained a lot of importance in recent times especially when life is moving at a break-neck speed and there’s no end to our requirements. Worker satisfaction enhancement and significant cost cuttings are two of the major advantages that flexible working style offers. This kind of working arrangement gives some percentage of flexibility on how far, when, where and at what time slots employees can work. Flexibility can relate to working time slots, working patterns and working locations. In conservative markets like Cochin the arrangement of flexible working is aided by new age business solution providers who aid in setting up virtual office spaces in Cochin and co working spaces in Kochi.

Modes of Flexible Working Practices

There are many ways in which an employee can be engaged in part time working modes and they can be tailored according to the requirements of the enterprise. Part time work working is one option when the employee is engaged for less than the full hours. Term time working happens when employee is on a permanent contract but will be paid only when the terms are on. Job sharing is a modern form of flexible working when 2 or more than 2 people share responsibility for one particular job amongst each other. This typically happens in co working spaces in Cochin where professionals belonging to same sphere mingle together.

Compressed hours are another flexible working system when the man hours in a specific period of time are increased as the project has to be completed in a specific period of time. Many enterprises nowadays engage employees on the basis of annual hours where the total number of hours which are to be devoted in one year is fixed but there is considerable variation in the way the time is distributed. In some flexible working patterns the employee is given a choice while in others the organization uses its discretion.

Tele-working, work from home, remote employees and commissioned employees are a few other options when it comes to working hours in a flexible mode.

Facilitation of Flexible Working Modes

Typically the incorporation of flexible working hours in an enterprise requires a lot of strategic changes and managerial smarts apart from technological investment. For entrepreneurs and start ups, often incorporation of technology and audio visual facilities becomes a challenge because of the incumbent costs. However services like audio conferencing facility in Kochi, Virtual office in Kochi and Video Conferencing in Kochi are offered by Centre A to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship that is now sweeping Cochin.

Helping Entrepreneurship

Flexible working modes offer a great degree of autonomy to the employee and ultimately encourage a start up to attract the right kind of talent. Sometimes start ups find it difficult to afford spaces in the booming commercial real estate space in Cochin. However Centre A has made premium business addresses in bustling MG Road of Kochi available to entrepreneurs at very affordable costs. There is a special cell of Centre A that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs gain a strong foothold in the market.