What is Meant by Video Conferencing

when two people particiate in a conference using computer networks to send video and audio is called video conferencing.Its a two way communication with audio and video signals . In Video Conferencing we use specialy designed devices and computers at different locations. For this purpose we use the help of satellite. Video conferencing is also called as teleconferencing.For Doing a perfect video conferencing we need a high-speed inter net connection.


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Jince KJ

Choosing the right meeting room is important. Here are some important facilities all the meeting/conference room should have: 1) Should be located within the city or in an area where good transportation and communication infrastructure is available. 2) Video conference support. 3) Modern and fully furnished. 4) Technical support team. 5) Projectors, mics, speakers etc. for successful presentation. 6) Ensure enough privacy.

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