Which are the prime commercial buildings located in kochi


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Sibi Josben

Kochi is referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala. The city mainly focused in business economy, so many commercial buildings are located in Kochi. Cochin city include many modern malls and shopping centers. Many of these commercial buildings are concentrated on M.G. Road and Broadway near the heart of the city. Lulu hyper market, Centre Square Mall, Abad Nucleus Mall, Oberon Mall, Vishal Mega Mart, Penta Menaka,Bay Pride Mall these are shopping malls located in kochi. well developed traveling facilities attract the business professional to Kochi. Economy of the city mainly depend upon the business. Commercial buildings for jewelry, textiles, supermarkets are located in Kochi. MG Road in Kochi known as the commercial street. MG Road have commercial buildings for shopping complexes, textile shops, jewellery shops and its restaurants. M.G. Road also has some excellent jewellery shops selling both traditional, ethnic and modern jewellery. Allapattu House, Alukkas, Josco and Bhima here are some of the largest showrooms.The Kerala State Handicrafts Development Corporations Showroom Kairali and Kathais near Jos Junction and Khadi Bhavan are situated in MG Road Kochi. Alappat Heritage Gold and Diamonds also Alapatt groups Buiness Lounge is located in MG-Road Kochi. Alappat group also started their commercial office space in Kochi. So many commercial buildings are located in Kochi.

Anusha Charan

Many commercial buildings such as textiles, jewelry, ready made garments, toys, home furnishings, handicrafts, decorative items, electronic items located in Kochi. • jewelry Allapattu House, Bhima, Malabar Gold, Alukkas and Josco are main jewelry located in MG Road Kochi. These shop provides contemporary and antique designed 24 carat gold and precious stones for customers. Geeri Pai is the most famous diamond shop located in MG Road Kochi. • Textile Shops Seematti, Jayalakshmi, Parthas, Graffiti are the another commercial buildings located in Kochi. Graffiti is always good for budget shopping. Seematti is a large shop situated in the northen end. Jayalakshmi also a large shop located near near Jos Junction. Kochi provide many commercial buildings and it is good for buying premium executive style clothing, casuals and suits for both men and women. Another commercial buildings located in Kochi are Electronics, Footwear and Handicrafts these are mainly situated in MG Road Kochi.

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