Which is the best option for start up business in kochi

Which is the best option for start up business in kochi?


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john mathew

Most of the IT parks are located in kerala's three districts. Ernakulam, thrissur and calicut. In that kochi is very famous for Infopark. Info park is a location where most of the IT companies in india have their branches and they have incubator facility. so start up companies can start their companies in incubator in the starting stage and can shift to normal office later. Now a new concept is launched , called virtual office . Virtual offices are normally located in cities like kochi,trivandrum, calicut etc. One of the main service provider in kochi called www.centre-a.com provides affordable price for , virtual office with call forwarding, meeting room with LCD projector and WIFI. Centre-a.com provides a facility called virtual receptionist. In this facility a trained receptionist will attend all the incoming calls and give necessary replies to them. The benefits of Virtual Receptionist is , we can operate our office from remote location but in our physical address location it will look like our office is in prime location and if any client meetings are happening we can take centre-a.com conference hall for one day ,so that client will get professionalism the way company do things. Centre-a.com offers many facilities,for a new start up companies. pls go and visit www.centre-a.com IT and Telecommunications __________________________________ High-speed enterprise internet connectivity with wi-fi Phone set-up with advanced IP telephone systems and dedicated phone lines Highly secure server room Printing stations equipped with high-end printers, scanners and copiers on every floor Admin Support and Management _____________________________________________ Personalized telephone answering by highly trained receptionists Call forwarding services Mail handling In-house IT support staff to address your technical needs Travel desk Business concierge services So in my opinion for start up companies either they can depend virtual office service providers or IT Parks to promote their business.

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