Why people prefer virtual office and conference rooms in Kochi

Why people prefer virtual office and conference in Kochi?


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john mathew

As you know, kochi is the IT hub of kerala. Kochi is also known for its transportation accessibility . Road , Rail, water and air transportation is available in Kochi, so it makes people to come and work calm and quiet in IT hub of kerala. Infopark is one of the main IT park situated in kerala. Many companies are located in Kochi infopark. Wipro, Infosys and UStechnologies are a name a few. So most of the people are trying to start their office in kochi due to the brand name that cochi has in-front of world class customers. But its costly to start a individual office with telephone connection and other facilities like meeting room , conference hall, video conferening, ivr, wifi etc. So virtual office is a answer to this problem, if we use virtual office , we don't want to find a individual office with receptionist, no need to look for conference hall, wifi, LCD projector etc. Everything is available in virtual office in a affordable price. Centre-a.com is one of the best service provider in kochi who provides virtual office , serviced office, meeting room and online meeting. They also provide live receptionist , call forwarding and mail handling service. I can provide centre-a.com address here , so that you can have a contact with them in this website address and contact number. Centre A Offices, www.centre-a.com Alapatt Heritage Building, MG Road (North End), Kochi – 682035 guestservices@centre-a.com

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