Work from home can be stressful!

Recent studies have shown that “Work From Home” is creating mental stress for 20% of employees worldwide and what makes it more terrible is that the numbers keep increasing. Many employees would have thought how it would be to work from home, even before the pandemic. And these researches must be shocking to them.

Companies report that their employees have become less interactive, and the “Work From Home” scenario seems to be deteriorating ties between employees. Employees are no longer in the physical workspace where they interact, work and grow with other members of the team. This isolation is a reason why people get stressed. Such isolated people find it hard to focus on work, socialize, and fall into depression eventually.

Yes, work from home means a lot of freedom! But not everyone can handle it the same way. Some people find it hard to separate work time and leisure time. When one works from home, any time could be a leisure time, and this leads to irregular work patterns and thus, leading to various problems. On the other hand, when you are stuck inside four walls, working on your computer all day and night, that’s creating severe health issues as well.

The results from recent studies are proof that working from home is not the most efficient way.  So why take the risk? Find a private office space or coworking space that takes all necessary safety measures against COVID-19. This way your work life can be back to normal, and free from stress or depression.


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