Are you in a constant tiff with 24 hours being too less to accomplish your daily tasks? Are you one among those who dreads going to work as you have been an owl the previous night to wrap up with tasks before the clock strikes it’s expiry? Is work taking a toll and does your friends seem to have a happier life? Well, we say ‘ worry not and keep it cool’ probably you have been working or dealing with life the wrong way. Why work harder when you can work smarter and reduce all that chaos and stress.

We aren’t telling you to stop working hard, mind you. Work hard the smart way, thus helping you create a win-win situation every time you finish a task way before the deadline.

Putting down objectives and creating a flowchart that defines your workflow is old school. Let’s get down to some new-fangled techniques that will get you through your 10-12 hour work schedule seem like a cake walk.

work smart

Stop creating TO-DO lists

Don’t you already know what to do? Why keep sticky notes at every nook reminding what you ought to do. This time make a TO-DON’T list, list out all that you don’t have to do during your busy work-schedule. The TO-DON’T list can also comprise of the distractions you face. So, every time you deviate from your work schedule to something else that’s eating up your time this list will help you get back on track.

Be positive

By not cribbing and thinking positive helps you hit the finishing line faster and easier. This has been scientifically proven. So the next time you get loaded with work, tell yourself ‘it’s all part of the game and you’re here to be the game changer’.

Don’t strive to be a perfectionist

No one wants a perfectionist, as everybody knows a perfectionist takes more time in finishing a task than a person who works hard. Give your best when assigned with a task, but do not go overboard in trying to make it seem picture perfect. Rework, edits and mistakes are all part of work, be sportive.

Use the same success formula

If there’s a success formula that has already been established earlier for a given set of tasks, make sure you follow the same. Do not waste time in finding a new method to complete the given task. Innovate, grow, learn and create where necessary.

Ask for help when in need

If taking help to resolve or complete a task makes work easier and simpler, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get help. Taking help from those who know how to do it better doesn’t make you part of team ‘losers’ instead it shows how, being a team player you are ready to learn and expand your skill set.

Outsource it

This advice is specifically for those who are all set to kick start your dream business. Don’t be the ‘know it all kind’ or the ‘do it all kind’. Be responsible for those tasks you’re best at, and outsource those that you do not have special skill sets for. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Tired? Stop right there

If you are tired and feel brain-dead, you need to stop right there as no amount of energy or time is going to get you finish your task faster. When you’re tired with work, go out for a walk, munch on something, or make plans that could help you rejuvenate. This keeps your mind fresh and also results in increased productivity levels.

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