Take a look around your workspace, when was the last time you saw it squeaky clean or ethically organized with your wired-mess and stationery in place? Are you so used to working on a messy desk that you can’t remember that last time it was clean?

You might think that it’s acceptable, to bundle up papers and folders on your work desk as long as you are well aware of what is in the pile up. But have you ever thought about the day where a 2-5 level pile up would build up to be twice the mess and you would waste all your time to pick out the information you need from the piled up mess.

A hotchpotch workspace just adds on to work day blues. Additionally your productivity scores face a downfall when you sit at a messed desk.


Here are five reasons why a clean workspace can do you good:

  1. A clean workspace contributes to your well-being. Paper and folder pile ups attract dusts that seem to be unnoticeable, but can be the main cause of flu and other allergies.
  2. If you have a habit of constantly munching on something while you work, then make sure you do away with all the wrappers and dishes before you leave for home. Leaving this on the table can just make your next day morning at work, moody and negative.
  3. If you are the boss at work then this one is for you. A clean and well organized work place takes your organisation to a complete new level. It adds on to the company persona. Also when you have clients visiting, you don’t have to try hard to impress, a clean work-place can do the magic.
  4. The tangled mess on your work table with telephone and system wires is one among the many reasons you have work day blues, did you know?
  5. A clean workspace is a motivation in itself, thus helping you to work better. When your papers, folders, sticky notes, diaries etc. are well organized, the less tantrums need to be dealt with while searching for something.
  6. Work place that smells fresh and looks fresh makes you want to stay and give your best.

Your workplace is your second home, and home is where the heart is. So, make it a point to rearrange your work essentials before you leave from work everyday. This makes your next day morning better and brighter.

Our business centres are well-equipped with proficient house-keeping associates  to handle your everyday mess and help keep your workspace squeaky clean. All of this at absolutely no extra cost, it’s all part of the plans we have in store for any start-up or enterprise.

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