Young, and tired of working under some-one already? Well then it’s pretty  much time you started your own venture before it’s too late. Most of the ‘successful’ startups today are owned by young aspiring business minds.

Starting a venture isn’t easy, hard work and sleepless nights are the bottomline add-ons of every startup story. Not every startup essentially becomes successful there are many untold startup stories that have failed miserably due to lack of capital, resources and most of all paucity of self confidence.

A victorious journey to your dream business often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Here are some essential tips :

  1. Give yourself a dare
    Set a goal from time to time and challenge yourself to achieve the same. Be open and learn from your mistakes and experiences. Push yourself to complete your goals. This surely does not mean making oneself weary and too tired.
  2. Work it out right
    Work hard, keep trying harder but make sure you do it your way and not under the influence of anyone else. Be ethical and do justice to the work you do.
  3. Take the risk
    “Take risks if you win, you will be happy. If you lose you, will be wise.” Yes it’s that simple. So go on and take risks, be strong!
  4. Time is everything
    Yes you heard it right! There has been no startup that has marked a successful billion dollar profit over night. It takes time. Be patient, carefully plan out your  business strategy. Don’t be afraid to give yourself and your brand adequate time to grow.
  5. Energy saver mode – ON
    With time available at your discretion use your energy wisely. Do not overdo something that would result in sleepless nights and lower your confidence level. Be wise do it right.
  6. Happy team – key to success
    Build a great team, understand and appreciate suggestions and creative ideas. Allot enough time for recreation and training.
  7. Business capital
    Have a sturdy plan for raising capital. This is an essential element that helps your business expand. List out your possible investors and formulate a creative business plan to present.
  8. Know your customers
    Be sure about who you are talking too, and what part of your brand would entice them into buying the product or service. Your marketing strategies should revolve around your demographic and their buying behaviour. It’s always better to draw a flowchart that defines your audience and the best marketing strategies that could possibly be executed to achieve desired conversions.
  9. Don’t churn out money in one go
    Spend wisely, allocate monthly budgets wisely and for things that matter and affect the growth of your company.
  10. Negative is positive
    Learn from negative feedbacks received internally and externally. It’s totally fine to feel low with complaints and cribbing around you, but make sure you grow out of it and learn from what works best to keep such feedback at bay.

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