Wondering if serviced offices are expensive? Here’s a list of why it could work!

As entrepreneurs most of us often opt for traditional work spaces as we believe by doing so, we  will be able to cut down on unnecessary expenses. We feel that everyday expenses will not  pinch our pockets and is manageable. What we fail to understand is that everyday expenses  when accumulated at the end of the year will result in breaking yo ...Read More

Still not sure why serviced private offices could be a great choice?

We give you reasons!  The bonus of renting out a workspace at Centre A Executive Business Spaces is essentially the turnkey nature of our private office rentals. We provide furnished office rentals with crucial services that are already in place, so all you have to do is move in. This reduces the amount of time, money, and mental energy you need to invest in a ne ...Read More

Kickstarting your business post COVID?

Times have changed and so have our business ways. Here’s a quick start-up guide to the different kinds of office space services you could choose from depending on how you plan to set it all up. Organizing and setting-up your office is the most important investment in a business. Hence choosing the right space determines the start of your success journey. Virt ...Read More

Why are co-working spaces still a good option?

The pandemic affected our economies and has businesses around the globe struggling. The story of small entrepreneurs and freelancers is not different. As we slowly recover from the effects of the pandemic, co-working spaces can be helpful to get businesses back on the run, especially for SMEs and freelancers. Here are some reasons why you should consider working from ...Read More

Is work from home as good as it seems?

The world has slowly started recover from the pandemic and many of the economies around the world are back to a normal state. Here in Kochi, even though we are through the grim days of lock-downs and other restrictions, we still need to stay cautious as the threat of more waves of COVID-19 remains an imminent threat.   Compared to the initial days of the ...Read More

Remote business? We have a solution to take it a notch higher – Virtual Offices

Keeping pace with ever-evolving face of professionalism and technology is now all the more  easier with Virtual Offices. If you have an idea for your startup and all you need is an office  space but do not have that capital to exhaust, then simply opt for Virtual Office Solutions.  Virtual offices let you maximize your productivity without bou ...Read More

Why workspace design matters?

Would you prefer a well-designed workspace or just any space with a work setup would be fine for you? Well, here we discuss why you should consider the workspace design. By workspace design we don't just mean the proper arrangement of seatings but a combination of other services which help in running your business smoothly. Recent studies have shown that emplo ...Read More

How to stay safe at work during COVID

The number of COVID cases are on the decline but it is still important for each of us to stay cautious, especially in a workplace. It is natural for us to let our guards down as the situation gets better but then we risk getting hit by another wave. With that being said, 'Work From Home' doesn't seem to suit every business or even freelancers. They lack proper commun ...Read More

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