Here’s why you should host your next event in a coworking office space in Kochi

Are you still hosting workshops or meetings in stuffy offices, expensive event rooms or bland classrooms in Kochi? But do you know what can be a super great alternative? A coworking space in MG Road, Kochi! Coworking spaces are full of interesting, creative, and engaging people. They're already set-up for group events and are a trusted community resource.  ...Read More

Offices for home businesses in Kochi

There are several start-ups and businesses in Kochi which are operated from home. In the initial days of a start-up, entrepreneurs usually prefer to work from home as their major focus is to ensure that the expenses are curbed and maintained to the minimum. With the major improvement in the field of technology, this is obvious that the networking system has majorly ...Read More

Find out what kind of Leader are you!

1. Autocratic Leadership Autocratic leadership, as the name suggests, is when the leader holds all authority & responsibility and makes quick decisions without consulting subordinates and expect prompt implementation. A harsh work environment has typically little or zero flexibility. Rules, processes, and policies are all-natural additions of an autocratic le ...Read More

Common myths about coworking spaces busted!

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the way professionals across the globe choose to work. Opting for dynamic co-working spaces over traditional office spaces is one of the major shifts that has positively impacted people around the world. However, this shift is yet to be absorbed by some business communities as they are skeptical of this movement ...Read More

An important meeting up this month? – Here’s how you can break the deal!

As an entrepreneur, the importance of meetings and conferences is undeniable. Meetings are essential to establish and sustain progressive business relationships; thus, it is necessary to choose a perfect meeting room venue that is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. A fully furnished meeting room at Centre-A located in the heart of Kochi, portrays quit ...Read More

Office spaces that give your business the support it needs.

Private Offices Looking to expand your business or kick-start afresh? Enjoy working at fully managed office with the latest IT infrastructure and uninterrupted connectivity. What’s more? We have a skilled team to back you up in all your administration activities and help you focus on your core competencies. Here’s why this could be the right choice for y ...Read More

6 People Management Tips – Be a Better Manager

The crucial part of being successful at every job is knowing how to work with others irrespective of the role you are in. For team managers, knowing how to manage your people and understanding their ambitions is a key part of your success that ultimately contributes to the success of the company. So what exactly do we mean by people management? Well, over the ...Read More

Top reasons why a fully furnished Private Office should be your business choice

Fully furnished offices or most commonly referred to as serviced offices, office spaces, business centres or executive offices are pay-as-you-use office spaces that come furnished and fully equipped, and are rented out on flexible terms. The amenities offered include office equipment, meeting rooms, communal spaces, storage facilities, administrative support, rece ...Read More

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