Why workspace design matters?

Would you prefer a well-designed workspace or just any space with a work setup would be fine for you? Well, here we discuss why you should consider the workspace design. By workspace design we don't just mean the proper arrangement of seatings but a combination of other services which help in running your business smoothly. Recent studies have shown that emplo ...Read More

How to stay safe at work during COVID

The number of COVID cases are on the decline but it is still important for each of us to stay cautious, especially in a workplace. It is natural for us to let our guards down as the situation gets better but then we risk getting hit by another wave. With that being said, 'Work From Home' doesn't seem to suit every business or even freelancers. They lack proper commun ...Read More

Why Kochi is the right place for your business.

Wondering where you should be setting up your business in Kerala? We believe it's Kochi! And here are few reasons why we think it is the right place for you. 1) The commercial capital of Kerala Kochi is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. Any businessman wouldn't deny doing business in Kochi when it has a boasting economy. Kochi is home to many sm ...Read More

Tips to become a better manager

Are you someone stepping into the role of a manager in your career? Let it be any sector, managers of all level deal with complex tasks of various kind. A good manager is the one that drives a team or even a company as a whole, at times, to success. Here are some tips that might help you become a better manager. 1. Stay connected with your team Be serious, ...Read More

How to make office spaces work better

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your office space organized and productive at all times? The major reason behind it is the failure to develop a perfect plan. Here are some tips to help you plan your office space better. 1. Choose the one that fits your needs. You could find many offices spaces around you but you should only choose the one that ...Read More

Tips to make coworking more effective

Some say coworking spaces are for freelancers to just get their work done. But coworking spaces can offer much more than just a facility for you to work in. This is the reason why coworking spaces have become so popular in the recent years. Here are some of the tips you might need to consider to improve your coworking experience. 1. Location Location is imp ...Read More

Disadvantages of Work From Home

Work from home might not be what we all wish for but the pandemic forced us to shut inside our homes, and then Work From Home was the only way businesses could operate. Now, many of us would wonder if Work From Home is the best possible solution for businesses even during the "Post-Pandemic" period. Yes, it can cut short your bills and it seems more convenient but he ...Read More

Tips on Transitioning from Work From Home to Office

When the pandemic hit the world, we all started living a life which none of us wouldn't even expected in the worst nightmares. Even though work from home seemed to be fun initially, people soon started to face its negative sides soon. Not just for employees, but companies started to experience low productivity during this phase of pandemic. Managing employees and pro ...Read More

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