Tips to achieve work life balance

When it comes to achieving a better work-life balance, 2021 and the coronavirus pandemic likely sent you in one of two ways. Either working from home and the subsequent lack of commute left you a little distracted, itching to close your laptop with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your evening – or instead, the kitchen table turned office desk made work and lif ...Read More

Why is MG Road, Kochi a good location for your business?

M.G. Road, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Road, is a commercial street of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India. Ask any local here in Kochi, on where you should set-up your office, majority would point their fingers at MG Road. It's always so lively with commercial enterprises on either sides of the road; which includes jewellery, banks, restaurants, cafés, hospitals, ...Read More

Here’s how to set up and run a virtual office during COVID

The COVID pandemic has brought on several complex challenges for many businesses around the globe. Primarily, most companies' challenge is figuring out safe and innovative ways of maintaining their operations while laying off as few employees as possible.  If you can relate to this then it is worthwhile to set up a virtual office for your small- or medium-siz ...Read More

Can Virtual Office Replace Physical office spaces?

Virtual offices have helped many entrepreneurs in attaining a premium business address in a very reputed area of any city in the world. And since the days of pandemic, we have seen a steady escalation in the number of businesses that resorts to virtual office services. This is understandable, as working from physical offices has been impossible for many of us due to ...Read More

How virtual offices can help your business during COVID-19?

We are witnessing another sudden surge in covid cases all across the country. This clearly tells us that our economy is going to partial temporary shutdown. That doesn’t sound good to all the businesses that operate with India, and even companies beyond our borders.   Yes, you could still take strict measures and work from office if your business ...Read More

Here are some Coworking Statistics you shouldn’t miss!

The idea of Coworking spaces officially came into life in 2005, which evolved from an idea that had existed from 1995 – known as hackerspace. The main difference between a hackerspace and a coworking space is that, the later has flexible desks for individuals and groups. The person who found coworking space in 2005 is Brad Neuberg, in San Fransisco.  And sin ...Read More

Top Business Locations in Kochi

Kochi is the economic capital of Kerala, and it has attracted many top companies from around the world. Here are some of the top locations in Kochi where you should consider setting up or moving your business to. 1. MG Road Known as the commercial high street of Kochi,  MG Road tops our list. It is ranked as the number one busiest and expensive locati ...Read More

Balancing Work-Life during the pandemic.

The times of covid-19 have entirely changed the ways we work. The shift from working in an office space to a desk at our homes was once never imaginable, at least to some of us. Such a change was initially welcomed with applause but later on, things started to cause hardship.    The main problem everyone would point out is the difficulty maintaining ...Read More