Top Business Locations in Kochi

Kochi is the economic capital of Kerala, and it has attracted many top companies from around the world. Here are some of the top locations in Kochi where you should consider setting up or moving your business to. 1. MG Road Known as the commercial high street of Kochi,  MG Road tops our list. It is ranked as the number one busiest and expensive locati ...Read More

Balancing Work-Life during the pandemic.

The times of covid-19 have entirely changed the ways we work. The shift from working in an office space to a desk at our homes was once never imaginable, at least to some of us. Such a change was initially welcomed with applause but later on, things started to cause hardship.    The main problem everyone would point out is the difficulty maintaining ...Read More

How virtual offices could help your eCommerce business aaa

1111Before getting into details, let us clarify what a virtual office means. Virtual offices are a modern way of office set-up in which your business usually gets a premium address, along with many add-on services but you do not operate from the address that's given out. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to not spend much money on working from an office space but ...Read More

Top tips to make your employees more productive!

If you are an entrepreneur or a manager, you’d probably know the hurdles to come across in order to keep your team happy and productive. You are in a pursuit of keeping others happy, while making sure your work is done promptly. If you are able to manage your team efficiently; to keep them happy not only means they will be a lot more productive but also, they a ...Read More

There is a new trend of “Corpworking” in Kochi! A new way of corporate coworking.

We all know that workstyle keeps changing from time-to-time. Earlier, people used to argue that coworking spaces are not really meant for the corporates - it’s most preferred by new entrepreneurs with small number of team members. The current trends prove that this perspective is about to be hit hard with some serious facts. Even corporates with ...Read More

Plug and Play is the modern way!

Over the recent years, the concept of plug and play offices has starting gaining popularity in many of the cities around India, like Kochi. It’s not just that the plug and play setup is contemporary but also that it resolves many issues entrepreneurs face with the traditional office setup. Over the recent years, the concept of plug and play offices has starting gai ...Read More

Tips for communicating efficiently while working remotely

The biggest struggle for brands during the pandemic is to stay relevant.   The covid radar finds no significance in you being either a leader or an intern. The only thing that matters is staying relevant and being heard if you want to climb the career graph. Silence can be misunderstood with a lax attitude, and before a blink of an eye, you will be replaced ...Read More

End to end services. Here’s what we offer!

Kochi being a well-developed city in India, promises opportunities for any business to flourish. Choose to build or expand your presence with us in the most prestigious business address.  Our fully-managed offices provide scalable office space solutions. Including an elite business address, exceptional private workspaces, on-call IT support, and state ...Read More