Do you find yourself in a constant scuffle with Monday mornings as soon as the clock strikes the start of your work week? Have you ever stopped to wonder, as to why you dread monday’s so much? It could be because you’ve had a stressful weekend where you were juggling between office assignments and personal to-do lists and had no time to unwind. It could also be because of embracing the weekend and drinking all that you could lay your hands on, or possibly just lazing around sleeping and watching T.V.

We are here with a couple of tips that could get you through your Monday blues, keep your spirits high and make you feel anew.


  1. Don’t stay up late on weekends!
    The most important tip, that is a tad bit difficult to follow, specially because all of us have a habit of pushing our date nights/ movie nights/ game nights etc to weekends thus turning us into part-time night owls. Try going to bed early at least on a Sunday. Make sure you get enough sleep so as to wake up early and kick-start your Monday afresh.
  2. Don’t skip your breakfast!
    We have all said and heard this a million times but still choose to not follow the same for silly reasons that persists, such as “woke up late”, “ran out of time”, “nothing to eat” and so on.
    It’s important to understand what eating breakfast can do to your body. Firstly eating breakfast can help reduce the amount of calories you would otherwise end up gulping down at lunch because you have stayed hungry for too long. Secondly, it keeps your brain active and improves your concentration which is what you need the most on a Monday morning. Thirdly, reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. Make eating breakfast a habitual ritual that you should follow everyday of your life (which includes weekends as well).
  3. Mid-week break is a must!
    Take a break halfway through the work week. Go out for dinner or spend some quality time with people you are comfortable. This helps one to relax and spread positivity that is needed that helps run office errands for the rest of the work week. Keeping aside all your rejuvenating activities for the weekend makes you dread all the work days of the week thus lowering your productivity and cursing your worklife.
  4. Music is refreshing!
    Listening to your favourite beat on a Monday morning while you dress up will help bring out the happy you. How can you not groove to your favourite track right? So turn on your beat the first thing on a Monday morning and let the work kick-in, you can take it all!
  5. What you wear matters!
    Wearing something new on a dull day can instantly change the way you deal with the day. We know buying something new to wear every week isn’t going to work. But what can work is picking out what you know looks best on you from your closet and charge!


If you have tried all of these and you still brawl with Monday’s then buddy; it’s time you make a move to something you love doing!

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