Do you need a virtual office address?

Many start-up businesses are stuck on whether they need a physical or a virtual address. Virtual offices, of course, are not for everyone. But it certainly has positives to it as well. 

The location or address of your business has proven to have an impact on your business reputation. Virtual address lets you set-up an address at a preferred location while you get to work from somewhere else, even your home! That’s the major advantage of opting for the virtual address. Imagine you wanted an address at MG Road, Kochi but you do not want to set-up and office there? This was nearly impossible before the idea of virtual addresses came into existence. Setting up a physical office at your desired location at the initial stages of any business can be a hustle. With virtual office packages, you pay a minimal amount to enjoy a wide range of features. 

Centre A, is ideally located in the economic capital of Kochi, making it one of the best locations to set-up your virtual address. Now with us, it’s not merely a virtual address. 

Here are some sweet features we have blended with our virtual office packages:

  • Dedicated telephone number with personalized phone answering in your company name by our professionally trained receptionists – promises client satisfaction.
  • 24/7 voicemail access – ensures you never miss a new lead or have an unhappy customer
  • Mail & courier handling as instructed by you.

Do you wish to know more? Get in touch with us right away! Visit : Virtual Offices


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