Office guide to social distancing and safety during COVID 19

Is your workplace ready for the new normal? Adopting safety measures at your office helps curb the spread of this pandemic. Office buildings are prime places for diseases to spread since many different people are coming and going throughout the day. Most have to pass through common entry points like lobbies, security checkpoints, and elevators. As we start to go back to work after coronavirus, there are further safety protocol measures businesses can take to provide a more protected work environment for its employees from the minute they enter the premises.

Keeping distance has demonstrated to be vital in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 under control and is a continued protocol we follow at Centre A too. With social distancing becoming the new normal, we have changed the way we do business. Larger spaces, fewer people, thermal temperature scanning at entrances, medical-grade sanitizers at every nook, protective clothing for housekeeping and pantry staff are some of the steps we have adopted at Centre A. 

You can implement similar techniques in your office, too, with the following workplace social distancing strategies:

  • Plan flexible worksites that support remote work and telework. Grant access to fewer people in the office, lessen on-site meetings, and dissuade visitors unless necessary. Make sure your office spaces are backed up with the best technology for remote collaboration.

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  • Stagger work schedules to minimize the number of employees in a space at one time. You can implement daily alternate shifts, or have a percentage of your staff work remotely for one week, then come into the office the next week. Ensure thorough disinfection and sanitization is done between shifts.

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  • Relook worksites to add more distance between employees. Place desks at least six feet apart, and discourage shared equipment. You can use physical barriers and floor decals to help guide employees or customers on where to walk to maintain the recommended distance.

We are practicing social distancing and safety protocols at every nook of our space. So you can do business effortlessly, and we take care of keeping your workspace safe to operate from.


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