A new working style is growing around the world

Co-working space in Kochi, Co-working space in Cochin, Business address in kochi, Shared office space for rent in kochi Statistics released by IDC indicates that about 1.3 billion people, around the world, are working as mobile workers. Recent news released by the financial review on March 30, 2014 was indeed an eye opener in terms of the kind of working setups tha ...Read More

Providing an ideal work environment is important

Over the decades there has been a shift in the way our personal lives have changed and the business world has transformed beyond recognition in the past few decades. The focus on the employee has rapidly shifted, in favor of them, from the time of the industrial revolution. This is because firms have understood the need to ensure a happy workforce to foster innovation ...Read More

Technology and business are inseparable

Technology has showed its power, in our world, through the various forms in which it has manifested itself. It has had and will continue to impact the work culture of our day. A recent study indicates that strong leadership which is directed towards promoting innovative technology was 26 percent more profitable than its industry peers and had 9 percent higher revenue. ...Read More

The impact of technology on business meetings

It is important to understand the effect of technology in our daily lives; technology can be defined as tools, gadgets or resources that are helpful in controlling and adapting to a specific environment. It is indeed evident that technology is a direct outcome of the amount of innovation and research in the field of science. History has always given us a hint about fu ...Read More

Office Environments Are Ever Changing

The idea of developing a dynamic environment that promotes innovation and excellence is the prime objective of most organizations today. Though there is no lack for talent, across the world, identifying the talent that suits your work culture is the very important. In some organizations, it has indeed become a top priority, as people determine the work culture. Intern ...Read More

Kochi – The Entrepreneurial Hub

A look at stats indicates that the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are on the rise. The culture in India, especially in Kerala, has oriented itself toward an entrepreneurial outlook. Kochi being the economic capital of the state has surely had its impact. This means that many organizations are looking for a low investment and high production environment. ...Read More

Co-working and the power of synergy

When one is thinking about the different work environments that have become a part of our culture, work from home and freelancing are two peculiar entities. Earlier work was considered as the output of a joint synergy that culminated the joint effect as the end product, in a closed environment. With the advent of infrastructure cramp, organizations have moved into a n ...Read More

Choosing the right office is important

What’s with the office setup, furniture & décor, that it causes so much of discussion? Well, every office needs furniture. Every office demands to look good. Every office calls to be functional. And because it’s the furniture & it’s setup that can make it look both beautiful and functional, that’s what makes it quite important. Agree? Nevertheless, ...Read More