Is it the best time to choose Virtual Offices?

Pandemic situation is still looking bad in Kerala, especially in major cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, and Calicut. And so, most of us forced to work from home which is really boring!   Despite all that, there still a way for you to maintain a premium business address, even if you have given up your physical office space. How’s that? Most of the entrepreneur ...Read More

Plug and Play Offices is the best deal in Kochi

Firstly, it is important understand what “Plug and Play offices” actually mean. If someone provides an empty space with a pretty desk and chair in it, that doesn’t become the so-called “Plug and Play office”. It is way beyond just a table and chair.   It is where you get everything you need to work smoothly right from the start. For exampl ...Read More

How we keep office spaces safe during the Pandemic?

It’s in the minds of many that working from an office space can be a bad idea during the pandemic. And we would say that, yes, it can be a bad idea but not if your provider has taken all necessary precautions. We see a lot of businesses starting to operate smoothly in our city. How do they do it? By taking necessary precautions! That’s the best way t ...Read More

Choosing Shared Office Space in Kochi

The city of Kochi has grown rapidly in a very short period of time, and is also the business capital of Kerala, India. It is no wonder why entrepreneurs would choose to set-up their business in Kochi, when starting off in Kerala. This has also given way to high demand of resources. Let it be any city, you would want to start your business in the prime locati ...Read More

Perks of shared office spaces

Are you an emerging entrepreneur or a businessman with a small team? Then, you are probably wondering if you should be investing on an office space or rather choose to share it with an amazing community. Sharing office spaces can have great benefits, especially if you are a start-up or a business with small team size. Let’s take a look at some of the maj ...Read More

Useful tips to manage back to work anxiety faced by employees

We are nearing an unlock, and most companies have partly already resumed operations and are bringing back employees to work staggeringly. While offices are adopting new methods to ensure safety at work, choosing ways to ease employees should also be part of your plan. Work from home has predominantly set in a different routine, and getting back to work can be stress ...Read More

Need a breather from work from home? – Hot desking it is!

Hot desking is the concept of co-working where you don’t get a set desk to use every day with added benefits. Even if you’re not a solo entrepreneur and you are part of a corporate team, hot-desking offers efficiency for project-based collaboration too. Get back to the office hustle you’ve been missing. Gold Membership - INR 3,000 (5 Days/Month) Ac ...Read More

Work from home can be stressful!

Recent studies have shown that “Work From Home” is creating mental stress for 20% of employees worldwide and what makes it more terrible is that the numbers keep increasing. Many employees would have thought how it would be to work from home, even before the pandemic. And these researches must be shocking to them. Companies report that their employees ...Read More

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